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Whether you’ve got one kilogram of scrap copper or regular supply of scrap steel, Scrap Local can connect you to trusted, local scrapyards who can pay the best prices for your scrap.

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Scrap Local is a growing, industry specific network of scrap metal dealers who will pay you the best prices for your scrap metal. 

We work hard with our partners throughout the UK to recycle all grades of scrap metal and can arrange collection whether you’re a home, business or regular producer of scrap metal waste.

Non-Ferrous Scrap Metal Grades

Buying non-ferrous metals for scrap is what most of our members, here at Scrap Local do best.

Our official partners & approved directory members specialise in the recycling of scrap copper, brass, aluminium, lead, stainless steels and more.

It doesn’t matter if you have a single alloy wheel to scrap, a small bag of aluminium cans, a copper cylinder & copper piping from a central heating system or regular amounts of non-ferrous metal waste from your business.

Scrap Local can help you find the best prices for your non-ferrous graded metal and give you the most up-to-date prices in the industry each and every day.

Choosing a scrapyard through Scrap Local not only gives you the peace of mind you are being looked after on price. It gives you the reassurance you are dealing with a fully licensed, reputable scrap dealer.

scrap brass

If you own old taps, door handles or plumbing fittings which are made from brass, then you can sell them to a local scrap yard.

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Lead Armoured Cable

Lead armoured cables are installed in underground industrial sites. Electricians from underground industrial sites for the electricity board will encounter this type of scrap cable.

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lead zinc1

It’s rare that you’ll find zinc on its own, however this metal can be found in brass alloys and as a coating on steel.

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Ferrous Scrap Metal Grades

Scrap Local is here to help you find a reliable, rated buyer for your ferrous metals.

Our members boast an extensive range of processing machinery including high volume shredders, large scale baler/shears and top of the range 360º Scrap Handlers built specifically to handle your ferrous scrap materials.

As the UK’s largest directory of scrap metal dealers, Scrap Local can find you a reliable scrapyard to buy your ferrous scrap.

We have partners in each region that can arrange scrap metal collections – these partners have been hand selected based on their performance and reviews. 

Our members buy all grades of ferrous metals including heavy grade engineering steels, plate & girders, new production cuttings and even steel turnings from milling machines.

More popular materials from the every day scrapper include lighter gauge mild steels and light iron (frag feed) which includes white goods. All the ferrous metal materials delivered to our partners and members are graded, priced well and processed for delivery into UK end users or for export.

Scrap Local members offer extremely competitive prices for ferrous scrap. We urge you to rate our members on their service, attitude, prices and reliability to keep their position on our site.

If you have a regular supply of ferrous scrap, members offer an extensive range of skips & containers for collections, from a 5 cubic yard to a 40 cubic yard roll on/off – all of which are in excellent condition & look tidy for permanent on-site use.

scrap local scrap metal prices metal grade images ferrous scrap cast iron
Cast Iron

Cast iron is a grade of ferrous metal used in a wide range of items including drain pipes, gutters and machinery.

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Iron can be sourced from objects like vehicle shells and white goods such as washing machines, air conditioners and dishwashers.

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scrap local old steel scrap metal grade images ferrous old steel scrap (1)
Old Steel Scrap

Old steel scrap is a grade of ferrous metal waste. Old steel scrap will either be classed as no.1 or no.2 by a metal dealer.

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Hazardous Waste Scrap Metal Grades

Recycling hazardous waste correctly is often overlooked by individuals and small business, but when good practises are ignored, significant fines can be received from the Environment Agency.

In an era where the population is conscious about recycling & knowing the environmental impact our waste has on the planet, being compliant with hazardous waste products is ever more important.

Scrap Local has partnered with yards throughout the UK to recycle your Hazardous waste in a fully compliant, cost-effective way.

If your business produces regular amounts of waste containing residue, lubricants, gases or specialist materials, the most important way to remain compliant is to choose a fully licensed recycling centre.

Our directory of scrapyards contains thousands of fully licensed dealers that can also help dispose of your hazardous items. 

The following items are graded as hazardous waste: lead-acid batteries, oil drums, engines, gearboxes, spent aerosol cans, gas bottles, refrigeration units. Even though WEEE products (which are covered in Waste Electronics) are their own category of waste, TV Monitors, small domestic appliances and other household electronics are deemed as hazardous waste.

Find Local WEEE Recyclers To Scrap Your Waste Electronic & Electrical Equipment.​

Technology – it’s evolving so fast!

As a result, our electrical & electronic equipment is becoming redundant faster than ever!

Thousands of electrical appliances are recycled/scrapped each day and it is important as a community that these electrical items are recycled correctly.

Just like hazardous waste, WEEE requires specialist treatment to be recycled in a compliant way. This is why Scrap Local has partnered the best Waste Electrical & Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Specialists throughout the UK.

When recycling your electronics, you must ensure the dealer is fully licensed. Scrap Local members are vetted regularly and when you search for WEEE recyclers on our directory, we’ll only present you with fully licensed dealers in the results.

Scrap Local will inform all the licensed, reputable recyclers in your area about your enquiry & find you the best prices from local dealers to recycle your electronic waste.

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