Have An Aluminium Radiator To Scrap?

Scrap Local works with reputable non ferrous metal dealers who recycle aluminium radiators and pays the best prices for ali rads.

What Are Aluminium Radiators?

Aluminium radiators are used in motor vehicles and can be sold as scrap to most metal merchants in the UK.

This part is central to your car or van and is used to monitor and regulate the temperature of your vehicle’s engine to stop it from overheating.

Cars don’t last forever and spares eventually succumb to damage.

One of the best things you can do with an old vehicle radiator is scrap it!

How Much Do You Get For Scrapping An Aluminium Radiator?

How much you could be offered to scrap your car’s radiator depends upon the following factors:

  • Changes in supply and demand
  • Weight
  • Condition

Due to these points, there’s no set scrap price for aluminium radiators in the UK.

Fortunately, Scrap Local can connect you to trusted scrap metal dealers who offer the most up to date prices for vehicle radiators.

Discover how much you could make from your metal waste by submitting your details to our online form!

Find a Scrapyard to Buy Your Scrap Aluminium Radiators

Places To Find Aluminium Radiators

This type of radiator can only be found in vehicles.

Your car’s radiator is integral to how it works as it monitors the heat of the engine.

This part can be scrapped by itself or with your vehicle as a whole.

Customers Who Have Aluminium Radiators For Scrap

Vehicle breakers and mechanics are most likely to encounter aluminium radiators for scrap.

Motorists can also dispose of their old or faulty radiators.

That being said, you may receive more in scrap by disposing of your vehicle as a whole.

If you’re looking for a new set of wheels and are keen to scrap your car, then submit an enquiry to Scrap Local’s auto specialists today!

Questions On Scrap Aluminium Radiators

Are you a mechanic looking for information or a customer with an ali rad to scrap? we’ve got your questions covered!
  • How much do car radiators cost?

    The cost to replace your car’s radiator usually depends on your vehicle’s make and model.

    An aluminium radiator ensures that your engine doesn’t overheat and is integral to your vehicle’s functionality.

    Your car’s radiator is connected to other parts in the cooling system. As such, a faulty radiator can cause other parts of your car to fail.

    Due to these points, it can be quite costly to replace a radiator.

    Fortunately, you can make a fair amount from this vehicle part by scrapping it!

    Scrap Local works with reputable metal merchants who specialise in different grades of scrap aluminium and can offer customers the most accurate prices for their waste.

    See how much you could make from your aluminium radiator by submitting your details to our enquiry form!

  • Where can I scrap my car's radiator?

    You can scrap your motor’s old radiator with Scrap Local!

    As the UK’s fastest growing network for all things scrap, we are proud to connect customers to trusted metal dealers who specialise in aluminium waste and can offer you a genuine price to scrap it.

    If you’re looking to scrap your car as a whole, then we can direct you to reputable specialists in your area who can help!

    Scrap Local offers motorists genuine scrap car prices with no hidden fees, free vehicle collection and full guidance on what they need to complete this process successfully.

    Submit your details to scrap your car’s aluminium radiator without any hassle!

  • When should I replace my car radiator?

    Typically, you should replace your vehicle’s radiator if you have upgraded your car engine.

    Engines that have been made to be more powerful give out more heat and need new radiators to monitor and reduce said heat.

    Another sign that you should replace your vehicle’s radiator is if it shows signs of rust or corrosion. It’s surprising how badly damp weather conditions can damage both your car and its parts.

    If your car needs a new radiator, then why not scrap your old one with Scrap Local!

    On our network of scrap yards, you can find reputable metal dealers who offer the best scrap aluminium prices and cover areas in the UK.

    Get connected and submit your details to scrap your metal today!

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