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Scrap Aluminium Grades

aluminium litho plates
Litho Plates

Litho plates are a form of aluminium, commonly found as heavy sheets used in the printing and publication industry. 

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aluminium pure
Pure Aluminium

Pure aluminium consists of Aluminium that is free of paint or mixed metal—commonly used in engineering and other manufacturing industries. 

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Scrap Brass Grades

brass phos bronze
Phosphor Bronze

Generally, phosphor bronze is easy to identify as it doesn’t rust and isn’t magnetic. Bronze will have a much redder hue to similar-looking metals like brass.

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New Brass

Due to its untarnished condition, New Brass is highly valued by most metal dealers in the UK and can be scrapped for a decent price.

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Scrap Copper Grades

copper heavy 98
Heavy Copper

Heavy copper is a grade of scrap copper which is typically copper piping which has no fittings and no metallics attached to it.

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copper no2 wire
No.2 Copper

Often recognised for its dirty appearance, no. 2 copper is made up of a mixture of unalloyed wire, pipe or solid metal, tarnished with coatings

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Scrap Lead Grades
lead zinc1

It’s rare that you’ll find zinc on its own, however this metal can be found in brass alloys and as a coating on steel.

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Scrap Refining Grades
Scrap Stainless Steel Grades
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