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What Is Zinc?

zinc is a grade of scrap metal which can be recycled by most metal dealers in the UK.

Whilst you may struggle to find zinc on its own, this metal is widely used in brass alloys and for the treatment of steel.

If you have zinc to scrap, then submit an enquiry to Scrap Local! We’ll connect you to a scrap yard who covers your area, offers up to date prices and specialises in zinc products.

What Is The Current Scrap Price Of Zinc?

In the scrap metal industry, prices constantly rise and fall. Due to this, it’s difficult to determine the current scrap price of zinc.

Most scrap yards will use the following points to calculate accurate scrap prices for metals like zinc:

  • Total weight of your scrap metal
  • Condition of your zinc or zinc coated metals
  • Current supply and demand for zinc in the UK

Scrap Local can help customers find the most up to date scrap prices for zinc.

We proudly work with scrap metal dealers throughout the UK who specialise in a wide selection of metals and offer scrap prices which are genuine.

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Places To Find Scrap Zinc?

It’s rare that you’ll find zinc on its own, however this metal can be found in brass alloys and as a coating on steel.

Appliances that appear to be brass may actually be made from zinc!

You can check whether a product is made from brass or zinc by grinding away a small section of their surface to see the colour underneath. Zinc products will have a blue-silvery colour whilst brass products will have a yellow or copper-like colour to them.

Customers who have Zinc for scrap?

Roofers and plumbers can find zinc in roofing, building renovation work and rainwater systems.

If you believe that you have zinc to scrap, then submit an enquiry to Scrap Local’s specialist metal merchants!

  • What does zinc look like?

    Zinc is commonly recognised for its blue-silvery appearance and brittle texture. It naturally has a dull grey colour and can be difficult to polish.

    Zinc is prone to rust and can be used to coat metals like steel so that they are protected from corrosive elements. This process is called galvanisation.

    Scrap Local’s specialists can help customers to identify zinc. Submit your details to our online form, and we’ll see how we can help you.


  • What is the scrap value of zinc?

    Due to changes in supply and demand, there’s no predetermined scrap value for zinc.

    That being said, Scrap Local can connect customers to scrap metal dealers in the UK who recycle zinc on a regular basis and offer the most up to date scrap prices for this metal grade.

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  • Where can you sell zinc for scrap?

    Most scrap yards and metal merchants will remove zinc for scrap.

    As an award-winning scrap network, Scrap Local can connect customers directly to reliable scrap yards who cover their area and offer the best scrap prices for zinc.

    Our specialists will take into account the total weight of your metal, its condition and the current supply and demand for it when calculating an accurate quote.

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