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It’s rare that you’ll find zinc on its own, however this metal can be found in brass alloys and as a coating on steel.

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What is Lead?

Lead is a commonly found material in scrapyards and is easily recognised for the grey colour and it’s heavy weight and density.

Lead is a soft, malleable and heavy metal which is a widely used material in several industries. Lead is a widely used material for roofing, lifting weights, diving belts, ammunition, ballasts, window sachets and is also contained in car batteries.

Scrapyards typically source lead from roofers, plumbers and other construction workers.

Lead was typically used for plumbing during the roman civilisation, however this was stopped due to lead poisoning and started to be replaced for copper piping in the 1930’s. Old houses may still have lead water main pipes, however the majority of housing is now copper or plastic pipes.

What Are The Current Scrap Lead Prices

Overall, scrap lead prices fluctuate due to changes in supply and demand.

However, other factors can also determine the current scrap value of lead in the UK. For instance, the weight and condition of your lead can be used by scrap metal dealers to calculate how much your metal waste is worth.

Places To Find Scrap Lead

Lead can be found as certain types of building materials such as roofing lead, guttering and old water pipes. Lead can also be found in the form of bullets from firearms and car batteries.

Because of it’s density and weight, it is also common for lead to be used as fishing weights, diving belts and bodybuilding weights.

Lead also has qualities which make it good for radiation protection and is used in hospital Xray wards in mats to prevent radiation poisoning. It is also used in paints – however paints aren’t widely recycled in scrapyards.


FAQs about Lead
  • Is lead worth scrapping?

    Because of the weight, lead is a metal that is certainly worth scrapping. It doesn’t take a lot to generate some weight on the scales… And since lead is purchased per ton or kg, that is what you want.

    Lead is a common material in. the scrap industry and is easy to identify with it’s grey colour and heavy mass.

  • Why is lead valuable?

    Despite it’s toxicity, lead’s high density and resistance to corrosion makes it a valuable metal in most industries.

    It is an importance component in battery production and has previously been used in old pipes and roofing.

    Lead can also be used in forms of protective shielding as it absorbs electromagnetic radiation. X-ray equipment, nuclear reactors and containers for transporting radioactive materials all use lead.

    These common uses for lead make it a valuable metal in the scrap industry.

  • Where can I sell scrap lead?

    You can sell scrap lead to most reputable scrap metal dealers in the UK.

    As the UK’s largest, award-winning network of independent scrap yards, Scrap Local’s specialist team can help you find a metal merchant in your area who buys scrap lead for the most up to date prices.

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