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Steel Cuttings

On a manufacturing line, steel sheets are cut by a laser. New production cuttings are the leftover sheets of steel created from this process.

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stainless steel scrap
Steel Turnings

Steel turnings can be found in industries which manufacture steel products and appliances.This can be achieved by cutting blocks of steel with a turning.

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Old Steel Scrap

Old steel scrap is a grade of ferrous metal waste. Old steel scrap will either be classed as no.1 or no.2 by a metal dealer.

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Iron can be sourced from objects like vehicle shells and white goods such as washing machines, air conditioners and dishwashers.

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scrap local scrap metal prices metal grade images ferrous scrap cast iron
Cast Iron

Cast iron is a grade of ferrous metal used in a wide range of items including drain pipes, gutters and machinery.

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What Are Ferrous Scrap Metals?

Ferrous scrap include popular metal grades such as Steel, Iron, cast iron and Wrought Iron.

Whilst being magnetic and high strength, ferrous scrap metals are commonly found in construction and manufacturing industries and used in domestic appliances.

Due to this, you’re more than likely to come across some ferrous scrap metal and can expect to fetch a price for your unwanted waste from a trusted scrap metal collector.

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