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What Is Scrap Iron?

Scrap Iron is a ferrous material widely used in many products. Iron is a magnetic material and is generally delivered to scrapyards in the form of architectural structures, automobiles ad broken appliances.

Iron is a widely recycled material by scrapyards and almost every type of scrapyard will take your scrap iron for recycling.


What Are The Current Scrap Iron Prices?

Scrap Iron is a widely recycled material by scrap yards and almost every scrapyard will take your iron for scrap. However because there is a huge supply of iron for scrap due to the materials made from iron, the value isn’t as great as other non-ferrous metals.

Depending on the quantity, it may not be worth the scrapyard paying you for the material, however if you have a couple hundred kg’s you will tip the scales in your favour.

Aspects such as the weight of your scrap iron, the condition of your iron, and its supply and demand will impact the price you’re quoted to recycle it.

Moreover, different grades of scrap iron will receive different scrap prices. For instance, light iron objects like vehicle shells will be quoted a different value to heavier iron items.

Luckily, Scrap Local works with reliable metal recyclers who offer the latest scrap iron prices. Submit an online enquiry to see how much your scrap iron is worth today!

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Places To Find Scrap Iron

Iron can be sourced from a variety of objects!

Light iron, which is also known as frag feed, can be found in vehicle shells and white goods like washing machines, air conditioners and dishwashers.

Cast iron is heavier than light iron and can be found in gutters, drain pipes and machinery.

If you have iron waste to recycle, then submit a quick enquiry to Scrap Local! We’ll direct you to a scrap metal dealer in your area who specialises in scrapping iron goods.

Customers Who Have Scrap Iron

Light iron can be accessed by most people as it can be found in the vast majority of household appliances.

Scrap Collectors, tradespeople, construction workers and other waste clearance specialists have a regular supply of iron for scrap.

  • What's the scrap value of iron?

    Scrap iron prices are generally determined by conditional factors and can fluctuate on a regular basis. The following points may be used to determine the value of your iron waste:

    • Weight of your iron
    • It’s particular grade
    • Whether it’s in high supply or demand
    • It’s condition

    Scrap Local works hard to ensure that our customers receive the most accurate prices for their iron appliances. See how much you could make from recycling your iron by submitting an enquiry today!

  • What is the difference between ferrous and non-ferrous?

    The main difference between ferrous and non-ferrous metal is that the latter doesn’t contain iron.

    Typically speaking, ferrous metals have a high carbon content and rust easily when exposed to natural elements. Obviously, frag feed and cast iron are ferrous metals, however other metals like steel turnings can also be classed as ferrous.

    Non-ferrous metals have a higher resistance to rust and can be used in most outdoor objects because of this. Metals such as copper, aluminium and brass are classed as non-ferrous.

  • What's the difference between light iron and cast iron?

    The main difference between light and cast iron is their varying weights.

    As it’s name suggests, light iron is less heavy than cast iron and can be used in white goods like washing machines and air conditioners.

    Most metal merchants use a price per tonne formula to calculate current scrap iron prices. This means that heavier grades like cast iron are more expensive than lighter grades.

    Nevertheless, you can still receive a great price for your light iron if you scrap it with Scrap Local!

    Submit an enquiry to see how much you could make from your scrap iron!

Other Grades
stainless steel chrome iron

Chrome Iron

Chrome Iron, also called Chrome white Iron, is a highly abrasive metal used in pumps and chute liners. 

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scrap production,production cuttings

New Production Cuttings

New production cuttings are found in manufacturing sites who mass produce steel sheets. Steel manufacturers will have new production cuttings.

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scrap local scrap metal prices metal grade images ferrous steel turnings

Steel Cuttings

On a manufacturing line, steel sheets are cut by a laser. New production cuttings are the leftover sheets of steel created from this process.

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stainless steel scrap

Steel Turnings

Steel turnings can be found in industries which manufacture steel products and appliances.This can be achieved by cutting blocks of steel with a turning.

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scrap local scrap metal pricess metal grade images ferrous plates girders (1)

Plates & Girders

Plates and girders are types of construction steel which can be scrapped for ferrous prices with most UK metal dealers.

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scrap local old steel scrap metal grade images ferrous old steel scrap (1)

Old Steel Scrap

Old steel scrap is a grade of ferrous metal waste. Old steel scrap will either be classed as no.1 or no.2 by a metal dealer.

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