Need To Recycle Your Old Steel Scrap?

Scrap Local can help! We work with metal dealers across the UK who offer the best scrap prices for no.1 and no.2 old steel.

What Is Old Steel Scrap?

Old steel scrap is a grade of ferrous metal waste which can fetch for a decent price at most UK scrap yards.

Depending on its properties, your old steel scrap will either be classed as no.1 or no.2 by a metal dealer.

No.1 old steel scrap is a medium carbon steel that is typically machinable, can be welded and has good strength and is a mold steel alternative. No.1 steel will usually be valued higher than no.2 old steel due to its heavier weight.

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Current Scrap Prices For Steel Waste

Most scrap yards featured on Scrap Local will use the following points to calculate an accurate, up to date price for your waste:

  • Total weight of your old steel scrap
  • Whether it’s no.1 or no.2
  • Current supply and demand for this metal grade

If you have no.1 and no.2 old steel scrap to recycle, then you should try and separate them before weighing them in. This step could allow you to make more from your metal waste as no.1 typically fetches for a higher price than no.2.

Scrap Local is proud to work with reputable metal merchants who specialise in old steel scrap and offer some of the best prices for metal waste.

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Find a Scrapyard to Buy Your Scrap Old Steel Scrap

Places To Find Old Steel Scrap

A wide selection of products and appliances contain old steel scrap.

The most common places to find no.1 old steel scrap are wheel rims, industrial bolts for machines and garage doors which have been cut into pieces under 5ft.

No.2 old steel scrap can be found in clean oil drums which are over 5ft, roller doors and clean car panels.

Customers With Old Steel Scrap

Since this metal can be used in a lot of products, most people will encounter old steel scrap.

If you own a garage or work on an industrial site, then you are more likely to come across this metal.

Have old steel products to scrap? Submit an enquiry to Scrap Local and we’ll connect you to a scrap yard that covers your area and specialises in no.1 and no.2 old steel scrap!

FAQs about Old Steel Scrap

  • What is the difference between no.1 and no.2 old steel scrap?

    No.1 old steel scrap refers to heavy products which are under 5ft. This grade isn’t mixed with other metals and materials.

    Whereas, no.2 old steel scrap is a mixture of no.1 old steel scrap and light iron goods (frag feed).

    Common products that contain no.1 old steel scrap are:

    • Garage doors that are cut into 5ft pieces
    • Steel wheel rims
    • Industrial bolts

    Common products that contain no.2 old steel scrap are:

    • Oil drums which are clean and over 5ft
    • Roller doors
    • Clean car panels and bonnets (no glass, no plastic)

    You should try to separate no.1 and no.2 old steel scrap before you weigh it in as they are usually valued differently by metal dealers.

  • How much is scrap steel worth in the UK?

    Scrap steel prices are constantly changing and there’s no set value for individual grades like old steel scrap.

    As a ferrous metal, steel can receive a decent scrap price when recycled with a professional metal dealer or scrap yard.

    Scrap Local’s metal recyclers keep their scrap prices updated and mainly use the following points to calculate accurate rates:

    • Current supply and demand for scrap steel
    • Grade of scrap steel e.g. no.1 or no.2 old steel scrap
    • The total weight of your steel

    See how much you could make from your scrap steel by submitting an online enquiry to us!

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