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What Are Steel Plates And Girders?

Steel plates and girders are types of construction steel which are typically found in new construction projects and can be scrapped for great ferrous prices with most UK metal dealers.

These H-shaped support beams are used by heavy engineers, architects and construction workers to in horizontal structures like bridges, buildings and help support large heavy objects. Large steel plates are used to support the ground when heavy machinery is being used to drive over and prevent the ground from weakening when being operated on.

Over sized (OS) plates & Girders are typically referred to when the plate or girder is over 5ft.

There’s no shortage of construction steel in the UK! If you have old girders you’d like to recycle, then submit an enquiry to Scrap Local’s specialists.


Current Scrap Prices For Steel Girders and Heavy Steel Plates

Scrap prices for steel products like OS plates and girders change on a regular basis. Consequently, it’s difficult to provide today’s rates for this type of ferrous metal without using Scrap Local’s network.

That being said, most scrap metal dealers will use the following points to calculate accurate and up to date prices for over sized plates and girders:

  • Total weight of your construction steel
  • Current supply and demand for this metal grade

Fortunately, Scrap Local can connect you to reputable scrap yards who cover your area and offer the latest prices for old construction beams.

Find the price of scrap steel girders by submitting your details to our form!

Find a Scrapyard to Buy Your Scrap Plates & Girders

Places To Find Scrap Girders

Over sized girders and plates are used on construction sites to support large, horizontal structures like buildings and bridges.

They have a H-shape appearance and need to be over 5ft to be classed as over sized.

Customers Who Have OS Girders

Construction workers, heavy engineers and on-site architects will encounter OS girders and plates for scrap.

Recycling construction steel can be lucrative for a lot of people and it also reduces energy consumption and pollution.

Clean up your construction yard and dispose of your old girders with Scrap Local’s specialists!

Once you’ve made an online enquiry with our team, we’ll connect you to a reputable scrap yard who covers your area and offers the latest scrap steel prices for OS beams.

Steel Scrap Plate & Girder FAQs

  • What's the current scrap value of scrap plates & girders?

    Recycling construction steel like over sized girders and plates can be very lucrative.

    Whilst ferrous metals like construction steel aren’t as valuable as non-ferrous metals, you can still receive a decent amount for your plates and girders from a trusted scrap yard.

    The main factors which influence the scrap value of construction steel are:

    • Weight of your girders and plates
    • Current supply and demand for this metal grade

    Scrap Local work hard to ensure that our customers are offered the most up to date scrap metal prices.

    Make an enquiry with us to see how much you could make from your old girders with a local scrap yard!

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