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What Is Chrome Iron?

Chrome Iron is a form of stainless steel.

Also classed as chrome white iron, this particular metal is quite abrasive and is used in various pump and chute liners.

Due to its specific use in industry, Chrome Iron can fetch a fair price from buyers of scrap Aluminium.

What Are The Prices For Scrap Chrome Iron?

Prices for Scrap Chrome Iron are affected by scrap stainless steel markets.

As this is the primary metal grade, alongside iron, these metal grades will impact the price you receive for your scrap iron.

Where you’re located, how much Cjrpm iron you have, and the price paid by local recyclers are all critical contributors to top scrap Chrome Iron prices.

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Places To Find Scrap Chrome Iron

Chrome Iron can be found in specific industries that use Chrome Iron as a component in machinery.

As such, Chrome Iron is almost always found in commercial and factory environments.

Who Has Chrome Iron To Scrap?

Scrap Chrome Iron would be in the possession of those who work in factory environments. Other industries, such as manufacturing, engineering and construction may also have access to Chrome Iron.

Other Grades
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New Production Cuttings

New production cuttings are found in manufacturing sites who mass produce steel sheets. Steel manufacturers will have new production cuttings.

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Steel Cuttings

On a manufacturing line, steel sheets are cut by a laser. New production cuttings are the leftover sheets of steel created from this process.

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Steel Turnings

Steel turnings can be found in industries which manufacture steel products and appliances.This can be achieved by cutting blocks of steel with a turning.

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Plates & Girders

Plates and girders are types of construction steel which can be scrapped for ferrous prices with most UK metal dealers.

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Old Steel Scrap

Old steel scrap is a grade of ferrous metal waste. Old steel scrap will either be classed as no.1 or no.2 by a metal dealer.

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Iron can be sourced from objects like vehicle shells and white goods such as washing machines, air conditioners and dishwashers.

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