Need To Scrap New Production Cuttings?

Scrap Local can help! We work with metal dealers throughout the UK who offer current scrap prices for fabrication steel cuttings.

What Are New Production Cuttings?

On a manufacturing line, steel sheets are cut by a laser to achieve a particular shape and design for a product. New production cuttings are the leftover sheets of steel created from this process.

This grade of metal can also be called fabrication steel by those in the scrap industry.

As their name suggests, new production cuttings should be free of any impurities or signs of damage.

If you have fabricated steel to scrap, then submit your details to our enquiry form!

Current Price Of Scrap Steel Production Cuttings

New production cuttings don’t have a set scrap value as prices change on a daily basis.

However, there are few key points metal dealers use to determine current prices for scrap steel. These are:

  • Supply and demand for fabricated steel
  • Condition of your steel cuttings
  • Price per tonne for this metal grade

It’s surprising how much you can make from leftover sheets! Scrap Local is proud to connect customers with reputable metal merchants who can remove new production cuttings for the best scrap prices.

To see how much you could be offered, submit an enquiry to our award-winning network!

Find a Scrapyard to Buy Your Scrap New Production Cuttings

Places To Find Scrap Production Cuttings

New production cuttings are found in manufacturing sites who mass produce steel sheets.

Cutting is one of the steps in steel fabrication which creates products that are robust and expertly crafted. The residue metal amassed during this process can be scrapped with most metal merchants in the UK!

If product designs have not been nested properly during the programming progress, then the fabricated steel could be cut incorrectly, won’t be suitable to use and can also be recycled with a metal dealer as new production cuttings.


Customers who have Production Cuttings For Scrap

Steel manufacturers will encounter new production cuttings which can be scrapped.

Clear your manufacturing floor and recycle your fabricated steel with Scrap Local! We work with reliable scrap yards across the UK that recycle metal hassle-free and offer the best scrap steel prices.

Just send your details through to our form, and we’ll connect you to the right yard for you!

  • How can I sell new production cuttings for scrap?

    Here are the steps you should take when selling your new production cuttings for scrap:

    1. Gather your cuttings: Assemble the fabricated sheets you can’t use for your products and tally how much you have for scrap.
    2. Submit an enquiry: Let our team at Scrap Local know about the new production cuttings you want to scrap. Provide important details like your name, address and contact details so that we can get in touch with you and connect you to an appropriate scrap yard on our network.
    3. Arrange to weigh-in: The yard we’ve connected you with will contact you to arrange a suitable time to evaluate the scrap price of your metal waste. Some of our agents even offer scrap metal collection services! If you’re happy with the amount you’ve been offered, you can agree to have your new production cuttings scrapped.

    That’s all there is to it! For more information, please get in touch with us on 01706 577 574.

  • Where can I scrap my new production cuttings?

    You can scrap new production cuttings with most scrap yards in the UK.

    As an award-winning network for all things scrap, Scrap Local works with the best in the industry and can connect customers directly to metal merchants who specialise in fabricated steel sheets.

    Our reputable scrap yards offer the latest and most accurate scrap prices for steel cuttings. Just submit an enquiry to get started!

  • How much will I get to scrap my new production cuttings?

    There’s no definitive scrap price for new production cuttings as multiple variables can impact the scrap metal market regularly.

    Whilst ferrous metals like new production cuttings aren’t as valuable as non-ferrous metals, you can still be offered a decent amount to scrap them.

    The condition and amount of steel sheets you have can influence the scrap price you’re quoted by one of our scrap yards. We always work hard to ensure that manufacturers make the most of their new production cuttings.

    See how much you could make by submitting your details to our form!

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