Cast Iron To Scrap?

You’re in luck! Scrap Local works with trusted metal dealers across the UK who offer the best scrap cast iron prices.

What Is Cast Iron?

Cast iron is a grade of ferrous metal used in a wide range of items including drain pipes, gutters and machinery.

As its name implies, this is iron which has been heated and poured into a cast mould to form a specific shape.

Cast iron tends to be brittle so it’s important to handle this metal with care when scrapping it.

Current Scrap Price For Cast Iron

Ferrous prices rise and fall on a regular basis due to changes in supply and demand.

Additionally, factors like the weight and condition of your cast iron can influence the amount you’re quoted to dispose of it.

Fortunately, Scrap Local works with reputable scrap yards in the UK that specialise in a wide range of ferrous metals and offer the most up-to-date prices for your cast iron scrap.

Make the most of your cast iron waste and submit your details to our enquiry form!

Find a Scrapyard to Buy Your Scrap Cast Iron

Places To Find Cast Iron

Cast iron is a versatile metal grade and can be found in a wide range of items.

This metal grade is commonly used for drain pipes and gutters, however, it can also be used in machinery and cast iron baths.

Customer's Who Have Cast Iron For Scrap

Plumbers will encounter cast iron on a regular basis, particularly those who deal with gutters and external drainage systems.

Engineers can also come across this metal grade due to its use in machinery.

If you believe that you have this metal to scrap, then submit an enquiry to our team. We’ll connect you directly to a local scrap yard that specialises in cast iron and covers your area.

  • What is cast iron worth in scrap?

    Cast iron can be worth a decent amount when scrapped with a reputable metal dealer.

    Whilst there’s no set scrap value for this metal, scrap yards tend to use the following points to calculate prices which are accurate and up to date:

    • Weight of your cast iron
    • Condition and signs of corrosion
    • Current supply and demand for this metal grade

    Scrap Local can help you find the latest scrap prices for cast iron! We are proud to work alongside local scrap yards who offer the best quotes for ferrous metals like cast iron.

    See how much your metal is worth and submit an enquiry today!

  • Where can I sell my cast iron for scrap?

    Most scrap yards and reputable metal merchants in the UK will remove cast iron for scrap.

    As the UK’s fastest growing network for all things scrap, Scrap Local is proud to connect customers with trusted metal recyclers who specialise in ferrous metals and quote the latest scrap prices for cast iron products.

    Find a scrap yard near you by submitting your details through to our enquiry form. We’ll have you connected in no time!

  • Are cast iron pipes still used?

    Whilst most households and businesses now use PVC pipes due to their high resistance to corrosion, cast iron pipes can still be found in the UK.

    Eventually cast iron pipes will need to be replaced with more durable alternatives as they are typically designed to only last for 50 years.

    If you’re looking to replace your old drain pipes, then why not submit an enquiry with Scrap Local!

    We’ll connect you to a scrap yard near you who specialises in cast iron products and offers the most up to date prices for metal waste.

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