Looking To Scrap Clean Copper Electro?

Clean copper electro is a high grade of scrap copper which can be recycled for a great price with Scrap Local.

All of our listed scrap metal dealers will buy clean copper electro at a great price.

What Is Clean Copper Electro?

Clean copper electro, which is otherwise known as ‘Busbar’, is a flat bar, strip or rod primarily used to conduct electricity. As its name suggests, clean copper electro is typically free of any impurities to its surface.

Clean copper electro is one of the most valuable grades of scrap copper in the UK!

How Much Is Clean Copper Electro Worth In Scrap?

Clean copper electro is highly valued by most scrap metal dealers in the UK, however it’s important to remember that scrap copper prices change on a daily basis.

There’s no fixed scrap price for busbar and the following factors may be used to calculate the value of this metal:

  • Supply and demand for busbar
  • Weight of your busbar
  • Condition of your busbar
  • Your location

Finding up-to-date scrap copper prices used to be difficult since they constantly change. But Scrap Local’s members update their prices regularly.

Find a Scrapyard to Buy Your Scrap Clean Copper Electro

Places To Find Clean Copper Electro

If you work in an industrial factory, then you’ll be able to find clean copper electro in high voltage cabinets for production lines, railways and even electrical power stations.

Clean copper electro is mainly found in industrial environments and since copper is an effective conductor of electricity, busbar is used in transformer ends.

This grade of scrap copper can be easily identified by its clean appearance!

Customers Who Have Clean Copper Electro

If you work in an industrial factory, then you are likely to come across clean copper electro. Electricians are a popular trade to get regular amounts of clean copper electro or busbar for scrap.

Engineers, factory workers and automation specialists may also get their hands on this shiny copper metal.

Have busbar to scrap? Submit a quick enquiry to our team at Scrap Local!

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