Copper Granules For Scrap

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What are Scrap Copper Granules?

Granulated copper, or copper granules, is a refined form of the red metal. 

As the name suggests, scrap copper wire is pushed through a granulating machine and broken into tiny pieces.

The concept of granulating copper is so that any waste material, such as insulation, can be removed, providing a much better quality recycled material.

As with any refinement process, separating products and ensuring pure copper granules will fetch a better price.

Where can I find copper granules?

Granulated copper is usually an industrial process whereby commercial businesses and operations would produce copper granulated from offcuts of wire and other swarf.

Although, the business of stripping copper cable and making copper granules has become quite lucrative.

Many businesses in the industry now apply this method of granulation of standard copper cable and other off-cuts, in turn, for a better profit return. 

That said, copper in its sole form can be found in both commercial and domestic environments. These include large appliances and electronics such as computers.

Plumbing and insulations, as well as extension cords.

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What is the price of scrap copper granules?

The price of granulated copper varies. Although, as a general rule, it is seen as offering a better price than standard copper cable, which contains insulation and other waste products. 

We combine prices from leading scrap yards and metal recyclers to provide an estimated cost for your granulated copper.

However, it would be ideal if you searched our network to find a local scrap metal dealer who may be able to provide you with a quote for your scrap copper.

Who has copper granules for scrap?

As mentioned, copper granules are mainly found in industry, where specific sectors would refine copper waste, such as copper cable and other offcuts.

However, electricians and plumbers would deal with copper cable and could have their scrap copper granulated. This would be produced from a granulating machine.

It would be very uncommon for a household to have copper granules!

  • What are copper granules?

    Granulated copper is refined copper, usually wire, which has been shredded into tiny pieces. This usually presents a higher grade of copper without any impurities or waste. 

  • What is the price of granulated copper?

    Prices for scrap copper granules change daily with market prices. The price you will receive is respective to the amount.

    We aim to provide an estimated cost for copper granulated from leading scrapyards in the UK.

    View our scrap copper prices to find an estimate for your copper granules!

  • Who collects scrap copper granules?

    As copper granules are mainly found in commercial and industrial environments, it would be a scrap metal collector or scrapyard may accept granulated copper. 

    Any scrap metal dealer who deals with non-ferrous may be able to provide a price and collection, depending on weight.

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