Need To Scrap Some No.2 Copper?

No. 2 Copper is one of the most common grades of scrap copper you will come across in the UK.

Due to its popularity, it’s safe to say that most scrap metal dealers will buy no. 2 copper for a decent scrap copper price.

What is No.2 Copper?

No.2 copper is one of the most common grades of scrap copper in the UK.

Often recognised for its dirty appearance, no. 2 copper is made up of a mixture of unalloyed wire, pipe or solid metal that has been tarnished with coatings such as paint or solder.

No. 2 copper can also be identified by its minimum copper content of around 94%-96%.

If you have no. 2 burnt copper, then it can also be categorised as no. 2 copper. This kind of no. 2 Copper is a cable that’s been burned in order to remove the plastic covering the bare copper underneath. It’s important to note that, no. 2 burnt copper will have a darker colour than regular no. 2 copper due to this process.

How Much Is No.2 Copper Worth To Scrap?

In general, no.2 copper fetches for a decent amount of money when scrapped!

Due to its prominent use in most household appliances, no.2 copper is arguably the third most valuable grade of scrap copper in the UK.

That being said, it’s important to remember that the following factors may influence the price you’re quoted for your scrap no.2 copper:

  • Weight of your no.2 copper
  • Whether it contains 94 to 96% copper content
  • Damage to condition due to oxidation
  • Current supply and demand for this metal

Scrap Local is proud to work alongside reputable scrap yards who offer the most up to date prices for scrap no.2 copper.

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Find a Scrapyard to Buy Your Scrap No.2 Copper

Places To Find No.2 Copper Scrap

No.2 copper scrap is extremely versatile and can be found in a wide selection of appliances.

Most central heating systems contain no.2 copper pipes as this grade of metal is an effective conductor of heat.

If you’re looking to scrap no.2 copper pipes, then you may need to remove the joints or fittings before scrapping it if they’re severely damaged from oxidation.

Certain wires can also be made from no.2 copper, however, you must remove any insulation from them before selling them to your local scrap yard.

Customers Who Have No.2 Copper Scrap

As this grade of metal can be found in a variety of places, most people will have access to no.2 copper.

That being said, electricians and plumbers are more likely to encounter no.2 copper pip and wires due to their lines of work.

Scrap Local works with reliable scrap yards throughout the UK to make metal recycling a hassle-free and cost-effective experience.

If you have no.2 copper to scrap, then submit an enquiry to Scrap Local friendly team today!

  • What is considered no.2 copper?

    No.2 copper is an unalloyed wire, pipe or piece of metal which has been tarnished with paint or solder.

    It has a dirty appearance when compared to other grades of scrap copper and it can be accepted with fittings attached if they have little or no oxidation damage.

    However, your metal waste must contain at least 94 to 96% of copper content to be valued as no.2 scrap copper.

    Additionally, no.2 copper wires cannot contain any insulation. If they do, they’ll be classed as a grade of scrap cable instead.

    Despite its dirty appearance, no. 2 copper is arguably the third most valuable grade of scrap copper due to how easy it is to find in household central heating systems.

    Copper fittings that are damaged due to oxidation will be classed as no. 2 copper.

    If you believe that you have no.2 copper to scrap, then submit an enquiry to Scrap Local! We’ll connect you directly to a metal merchant who specialises in no.2 copper and offers the most accurate scrap copper prices.

  • Is it worth it to strip no.2 copper wire?

    No.2 copper wire must be stripped of any insulation before it’s scrapped.

    That being said, stripping copper wire can be tedious and you will needs to use professional tools to protect your metal waste from any damage during the process.

    If you don’t have the equipment to do so, then it’s better to recycle your copper wire as a grade of cable instead.

  • What is the current scrap price of no.2 copper?

    the current scrap price of no.2 copper as rates constantly fluctuate.

    Changes in supply and demand cause scrap copper prices to rise and fall on a daily basis and conditional factors such as weight and condition can influence how much no.2 copper is worth.

    Scrap Local knows how hard it can be to find the latest scrap copper prices. Fortunately, we work with reliable metal dealers who offer the most up to date and accurate prices for scrap copper.

    See how much you could make by submitting an enquiry through our form!

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