Heavy Copper To Scrap?

Another grade of scrap copper which can fetch for a decent price with scrap metal dealers and scrap yards is heavy copper.

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What Is Heavy Copper?

Heavy copper is a grade of scrap copper which is highly sought after by reputable scrap yards and metal merchants in the UK.

Heavy copper is typically copper piping which has no fittings and no metallics attached to it.

It can have paint, dust or solder on it so long as the weight is less than 2% of the total weight of your heavy copper.

As the name implies, this grade of copper is typically heavier than other grades of scrap copper like dry bright wire and new copper tubing.

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How Much Is Heavy Copper Worth In Scrap?

Heavy copper can fetch for a decent amount of money when scrapped!

Typically speaking, scrap copper prices are calculated on a price per tonne basis. This means that bulkier metals like heavy copper can be worth more than lighter ones.

However, weight isn’t the only factor which influences scrap copper prices. Changes in supply and demand and the condition of your heavy copper may also impact it’s scrap value.

Any fittings attached to your heavy copper may diminish it’s worth in scrap and could even lead to it being classed as a cheaper grade of metal.

Fortunately, Scrap Local works with trusted scrap yards across the UK who quote the most accurate scrap copper prices and specialise in a range of metals.

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Find a Scrapyard to Buy Your Scrap Heavy Copper

Places To Find Scrap Heavy Copper

Heavy copper pipes are used in most household plumbing systems and other sources such as engineering workshops, factories and electrical engineers workshops.

Heavy copper may initially have fittings attached to them, however, you will need to remove these before scrapping your heavy copper with a local scrap yard to get the best price.

Customers Who Have Scrap Heavy Copper

UK homeowners will come across heavy copper pipes, however, it’s more likely that industrial locations such as factories, workshops, old buildings and schools will come across heavy copper on a more regular basis.

Those who work in plumbing, demolition or construction are more likely to source regular supplies of heavy copper.

If you believe that you have some heavy copper to scrap, then please submit an online enquiry to Scrap Local.

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  • What is the current scrap price for heavy copper?

    Scrap copper prices rise and fall on a daily basis due to changes in supply and demand. In addition to this, conditional details like the weight of your metal and its condition can impact the scrap price it’s quoted.

    Heavy copper is piping which is free of any joints or fittings. It can contain some paint, dust or solder on its surface, but not too much.

    You must make sure that your metal meets these requirements to be valued as heavy copper and priced appropriately by a scrap metal dealer.

    Fortunately, Scrap Local works with reputable scrap yards who quote the best and most up to date scrap copper prices for metal waste.

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  • Where can I sell heavy copper for scrap?

    Most UK scrap yards will purchase heavy copper at scrap value.

    Scrap Local is proud to work with scrap copper dealers across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland who quote the most accurate and up to date prices for copper grades and make metal recycling a straightforward experience for everyone.

    To find local scrap yards who buy heavy copper for the best scrap prices, submit an enquiry to Scrap Local’s trusted team. We’ll connect you directly to the right metal dealer for you!

  • Should I clean my heavy copper pipes before scrapping them?

    You don’t need to clean your heavy copper pipes before selling them to your local scrap yard.

    The cleanliness of your copper pipes will rarely impact their worth in scrap so it’s neither time or cost-effective to clean them.

    However, you will need to remove any fittings from your heavy copper pipes if you want them to be evaluated as such by a scrap metal dealer.

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