Got Lead Washed Braziery To Scrap?

Scrap Local has got you covered! We work with reputable metal dealers who buy lead-washed braziery for the best scrap copper prices.

What Is Lead Washed Braziery

Lead washed braziery are copper radiators dipped in lead which are sought after and bought by most scrap yards in the UK.

Most commonly found in central heating boiler systems, these radiators have copper piping running in between the lead washed fins.

This type of metal can also be called lead dipped braziery or lead washed rads in the scrap industry.

How Much Is Lead Washed Braziery Worth In Scrap?

In general, lead washed braziery is a valuable mid-grade of scrap copper.

Most UK scrap yards offer a decent scrap price for lead washed rads due to the large amount of copper they contain.

However, it’s important to note that scrap copper prices fluctuate frequently and that there’s no fixed value for lead washed braziery.

Fortunately, Scrap Local’s network of metal dealers ensure that customers are quoted the most up to date scrap prices for lead dipped braziery.

Submit an enquiry via our form to see how much you could make from scrapping your lead washed rads today!

Find a Scrapyard to Buy Your Scrap Lead Washed Braziery

Places To Find Scrap Lead Washed Braziery?

Lead washed radiators can usually be found in older combi-boiler systems.

As more efficient methods of retaining heat have been introduced in the UK, these radiators may prove difficult to find.

Despite this, lead washed braziery can be worth a decent amount to scrap!

Customers Who Have Lead Washed Braziery

Plumbers who install and remove boiler systems are likely to encounter this grade of scrap copper on a regular basis or homeowners that have an old combi-boiler lying around after having a new system installed.

If you believe that you have lead washed braziery and you’d like to scrap it, then find a local scrap dealer featured on Scrap Local.

We’ll connect you directly to a local scrap yard who covers your area, specialises in recycling lead washed braziery and offers the latest scrap copper prices.

  • How Much Is Lead Washed Braziery?

    How much scrap metal merchants pay for lead washed braziery is dependant on how much scrap lead washed braziery you have as well as where yours based in current prices.

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