Tungsten Carbide To Scrap?

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What Is Tungsten Carbide

In its most basic form, tungsten carbide is a fine grey powder which can be pressed into multiple shapes.

Tungsten carbide can be used in a wide selection of products including jewellery, cutting tools and industrial machinery.

Due to its vast usage, this metal can be bought and recycled by most scrap yards in the UK. If you have tungsten carbide to scrap, then make an online enquiry with Scrap Local!

We’ll connect you to a specialist in your area who can quote you an accurate scrap price for your tungsten carbide.

How much is scrap tungsten carbide worth today?

It’s difficult to provide a current price for tungsten carbide as scrap values fluctuate and change constantly.

The following factors influence scrap prices for tungsten carbide and other metal grades on a daily basis:

  • Weight of your tungsten carbide
  • Condition of your tungsten carbide
  • Changes in supply and demand for this metal

Fortunately, Scrap Local can help you find current scrap prices for tungsten carbide without any hassle!

We work with reputable scrap yards who offer a no-nonsense approach to metal recycling and quote the most accurate scrap prices for tungsten carbide.

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Places To Find Scrap Tungsten Carbide

Tungsten carbide is used in a wide range of parts!

Starting out as a grey powder, tungsten carbide is pressed and shaped through a process called sintering to be used in cutting tools, industrial machinery and even jewellery.

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