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What Is He9 Aluminium?

HE9 is a popular grade of Aluminium.

Being robust and quite suitable, HE9 Aluminium is used in various applications.

Due to its versatility, HE9 is used to form shapes and surfaces. Because of this, you will often find HE9 Aluminium in two forms; Clean HE9 Aluminium and Painted HE9 Aluminium.

  • Clean HE9 Aluminium – Similar to pure aluminium alloy, Clean HE9 aluminium can be used for signage and frames in construction.
  • Painted HE9 Aluminium – Similar to HE9, painted HE9 is often used in similar applications, although the additional coating makes it less favourable than its counterpart. Due to this, the scrap values for both can change.


How Much Is HE9 Painted and Clean Aluminium?

The price you’ll receive for your HE9 Aluminium depends on the quantity, quality and location!

HE9 is a valuable grade of Aluminium, although the price you may receive depends on supply and demand changes.

At Scrap Local, we work with many local scrap metal merchants to provide up-to-date prices on HE9 Aluminium.

Our dedicated scrap Aluminium price index can be used as a guide to get the best price for your HE9 Aluminium – Whether clean or painted!

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Places You'll Find HE9 Aluminium

HE9 Aluminium is a strong and durable metal that’s used in many construction and commercial environments.

Quite often, you’ll see HE9 painted as signage or alternatively clean as part of window frames.

Customers With HE9 Aluminium

Those in the construction and trade industry could encounter HE9 regularly, although the general public would also be exposed to some form of HE9 Aluminium from their home, work or business.

Quite often, you’ll find HE9 Aluminium wherever you look!

  • What Is HE9 Aluminium?

    HE9 Aluminium is often painted or clean and is used as signage due to its durability.

  • What Is The Price Of HE9 Aluminium?

    Due to the difference in quality between Clean and Painted HE9 Aluminium, the scrap prices will differ.

    Aside from the quality and quantity, HE9 Aluminium prices are affected by supply and demand and local market rates.

    To get the best prices for your HE9 aluminium, submit an enquiry today where we can source the best price from trusted local scrap metal dealers on our network.

  • What Is The Differance Between Painted And Clean HE9 Aluminium?

    Painted HE9 Aluminium is often contaminated, whereas clean HE9 Aluminium is without contaminants.

    Because of this, Clean HE9 is more desirable than painted and often fetched a higher scrap metal price.

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