Aluminium To Scrap?

Scrap Local is proud to work with reliable metal dealers across the UK who remove aluminium waste for the best scrap aluminium prices!

aluminium litho plates
Litho Plates

Litho plates are a form of aluminium, commonly found as heavy sheets used in the printing and publication industry. 

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aluminium pure
Pure Aluminium

Pure aluminium consists of Aluminium that is free of paint or mixed metal—commonly used in engineering and other manufacturing industries. 

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aluminium thermal break
Thermal Break

A thermal break is a form of Aluminium extrusion, wrapped in rubber to reduce heat loss. As such, it is commonly found in window and door applications. 

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aluminium irony
Irony Aluminium

This grade of scrap Aluminium is regularly used for vehicle parts. 70% of its weight consists of Aluminium, and the remaining 30% is Steel.

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How To Recycle Aluminium With Scrap Local

Recycling scrap aluminium is quick and easy to do with Scrap Local!

On our award-winning network you can find scrap yards and scrap metal dealers near you who will buy scrap aluminium for some of the highest rates.

Complete a scrap metal enquiry with us to see how much you could make from removing your scrap aluminium with our reliable agents.

What Is The Current Scrap Value For Aluminium?

Scrap aluminium prices are constantly changing and there’s no predetermined value for this type of metal.

For the most part, scrap aluminium prices fluctuate due to changes in supply and demand. To put it simply, if aluminium’s in high supply, then it’s likely that its value will increase.

However, other factors can also determine the current scrap value of aluminium in the UK. These are:

  • Aluminium grade
  • Condition
  • Weight in tonnes

Scrap Local works with the best in the industry to calculate the most accurate scrap aluminium prices.

For up to date prices, submit an online enquiry to see how much your aluminium could be worth!

Where To Find Scrap Aluminium

Scrap aluminium can be found in an array of places.

Primarily, scrap aluminium can be found in modern vehicles. Grades like alloy wheels and cast aluminium fetch for a fair scrap aluminium price when recycled with reputable scrap yards.

Appliances used in businesses and households such as ladders, faucets and patio furniture may also contain aluminium!

If you have some waste aluminium to scrap, then why not make an enquiry with Scrap Local! We’ll connect you to a trusted agent who can offer you an accurate scrap aluminium price for your metal.

Questions On Scrap Aluminium
  • What is the price of scrap aluminium?

    There’s no set scrap aluminium price in the UK!

    Changing factors like supply and demand, the total weight of your aluminium, and the grade of aluminium you want to scrap can impact your metal waste’s value.

    However, Scrap Local’s team of metal recyclers can help you find the most accurate scrap aluminium prices for your waste.

    Just submit an online enquiry to our specialists and we’ll connect you to a trusted agent who can offer you a great scrap aluminium price for your metal!

  • Where can I sell scrap aluminium near me?

    The best place to sell your scrap aluminium is with Scrap Local.

    We are the UK’s largest, award-winning network of independent scrap yards. Our specialist team make recycling easy by connecting customers directly to time-served metal dealers in their local area who specialise in scrapping a wide range of aluminium grades.

    Submit an enquiry to Scrap Local and we’ll remove your aluminium for a great scrap aluminium price and without any hassle.

  • Which grades of scrap aluminium can I sell?

    Most reputable scrap yards accept the following grades of scrap aluminium:

    • Alloy wheels
    • Cast aluminium
    • Old rolled aluminium
    • Copper/aluminium radiators e.g. inside air conditioning units
    • Irony aluminium
    • Aluminium radiators e.g. vehicle radiators
    • Pure aluminium cutts
    • HE 9 aluminium extrusion
    • Aluminium cans

    Some of these metal grades are more easy to find than others. On top of these, their worth in scrap may vary.

    If you have one of these grades of aluminium to scrap, then submit an online enquiry to Scrap Local’s specialist recyclers today!

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