Pure Aluminium Cuttings To Scrap?

Scrap Local can help you recycle your pure ali cuttings for the best scrap aluminium prices!

What Are Pure Aluminium Cuttings?

Aluminium Cuttings (ali cutts) are sheets or pieces of aluminium which have been cut by a laser into a particular shape.

As their name suggests, this type of metal is made from pure aluminium and doesn’t typically contain any impurities or contaminating metals when recycling.

Sheet aluminium cuttings are often unable to be re-used due to their awkward shape or sizes. Ali cuttings are usually collected from manufacturers in large skips and are scrapped with non-ferrous metal recyclers in bulk.

How Much Are Pure Aluminium Cutts Worth?

Pure aluminium is widely recycled by most metal dealers in the scrap industry, predominantly non-ferrous scrapyards.

Despite its small size, this grade of metal is free of impurities and is considered to be in its most expensive, purest form.

There are few things that could impact the scrap price you’re offered for your pure aluminium cutts. These are:

  • Amount of ali cuttings you have
  • Their price per tonne
  • Current supply and demand for this metal
  • Their condition

Due to these variables, there isn’t a set price for pure ali cutts in the UK.

However, Scrap Local is proud to connect customers with reputable metal merchants who can remove this waste for the best scrap aluminium prices.

To see how much you could make from your aluminium cuttings, submit an enquiry to our online form!

Find a Scrapyard to Buy Your Scrap Pure Aluminium Cuttingss

Places To Find Pure Aluminium Cuttings

Pure aluminium cutts are usually found on the cutting room floor of workshops and metal manufacturers.

This kind of metal can only be made by using a laser to carve a block of pure aluminium into a particular shape.

The cuts are merely the excess material from this procedure.

Customers With Pure Aluminium Cuttings

People who work to manufacture aluminium objects through laser cutting a more likely to encounter this grade of metal.

If you believe that you have pure aluminium cutts to scrap, then submit an enquiry to Scrap Local!

We’ll connect you directly to a specialist in your area who can identify your cutts and offer you an accurate scrap aluminium price to remove them.

Aluminium Cuttings FAQs

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