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What Is Old Rolled Aluminium?

As it’s name suggests, old rolled aluminium is a metal sheet which has been put through a rolling machine and moulded / rolled into a shape to create a product.

Old rolled aluminium is lightweight, strong, highly conductive and non-toxic and can be recycled either as a sheet, tubing or as cuttings.

How Much Is Old Rolled Aluminium Worth To Scrap?

Old rolled aluminium is a valuable grade of scrap metal. Typically, it is highly sought after by UK scrap yards and can be bought for a great scrap price.

Scrap aluminium prices fluctuate on a regular basis and the following factors may be used to determine the scrap value of your old rolled aluminium:

  • Weight
  • Condition
  • Supply and demand

Fortunately, Scrap Local works with reputable scrap yards who buy old rolled aluminium for the most accurate and up to date scrap prices.

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Where To Find Old Rolled Aluminium

Since this metal is rolled into various shapes and sizes, old rolled aluminium can be used to make a wide range of products including road signs, car bonnets, ladders and pans.

Other products which can be made with rolled old aluminium are carpet grips and window frames.

The vast majority of the worlds products are made from old rolled aluminium due to it’s high conductivity, lightweight and it’s strength.

Customers Who Have Old Rolled Aluminium To Scrap

Due to its extensive use in most objects, old rolled aluminium can be sourced and scrapped by most people in the UK.

Larger products made from old rolled aluminium are usually scrapped by those who encounter them in their line of employment. For instance, car bonnets made from rolled aluminium are likely to be scrapped by vehicle breakers.

Ladders are usually recycled by painters & decorators, window cleaners or roofers amongst many other trades.

Pots and pans in addition to other cooking utensils are scrapped mainly by consumers but also by professional chefs or catering companies.

If you have old rolled aluminium that you’d like to recycle, then submit a scrap enquiry to Scrap Local!

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Aluminium FAQs

There’s many questions surrounding aluminium and how to recycle it. See Some Here:
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