Want To Scrap Brass Swarf?

You’re in luck! Scrap Local works with metal dealers across the UK who offer genuine scrap brass prices for swarf and borings.

What Is Brass Swarf?

Brass swarf is the leftover shavings you’ll find after cutting brass blocks with a machine.

Also known as brass borings, these pieces of metal are too small to be reused and are ideal for scrappage.

Make the most from your swarf by scrapping it with Scrap Local’s brass merchants!

Current Scrap Brass Prices For Swarf

The price you’ll be offered to scrap your brass swarf will be determined by a range of factors. These include:

  • Amount of swarf you have
  • Current supply and demand for this grade of metal

Scrap brass prices rise and fall on a regular basis so there isn’t a predetermined rate for swarf or borings.

However, Scrap Local can connect customers to reputable recyclers who specialise in scrap metal and offer up to date prices for brass borings.

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Find a Scrapyard to Buy Your Scrap Brass Swarf & Borings

Places To Find Brass Swarf

Brass swarf can be found in industries which manufacture metal products and appliances.

These are the leftover shavings produced during machine operations like turning, drilling and milling.

Whilst small in size, a large amount of swarf can fetch for a decent price when weighed in at your local scrap yard.

Customers Who Have Brass Swarf To Scrap

People who manufacture brass products for a living will encounter swarf on a regular basis.

Machining scrap is a lucrative resource for most businesses and it’s surprising how much money you can receive for scrapping this metal.

If you’re looking to clear your workshop floor of swarf, then submit an enquiry to Scrap Local’s metal merchants!

Brass Swarf FAQs

Other Grades
brass gunmetal borings

Gunmetal borings

A form of Bronze, Gunmetal borings typically contain zinc, aluminium and copper and, due to their strength, are often used for drilling and other manufacturing processes. 

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brass phos bronze borings

Phos Bronze Borings

Generally, phosphor bronze is easy to identify as it doesn’t rust and isn’t magnetic. Bronze will have a much redder hue to similar-looking metals like brass.

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brass copper radiator

Brass/Copper Radiators

Coupled with pure Copper and Brass, these radiators are stronger and more tactile than standard, soldered radiators. Due to this, they are found in vehicles.

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