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Other Grades
brass gunmetal borings

Gunmetal borings

A form of Bronze, Gunmetal borings typically contain zinc, aluminium and copper and, due to their strength, are often used for drilling and other manufacturing processes. 

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brass phos bronze borings

Phos Bronze Borings

Generally, phosphor bronze is easy to identify as it doesn’t rust and isn’t magnetic. Bronze will have a much redder hue to similar-looking metals like brass.

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brass copper radiator

Brass/Copper Radiators

Coupled with pure Copper and Brass, these radiators are stronger and more tactile than standard, soldered radiators. Due to this, they are found in vehicles.

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brass irony

Irony Brass

Irony brass is that which contains high amounts of iron and zinc. Typically found in plumbing and hardware.

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