Have Some Ali-Copper / AC Radiators To Scrap?

Scrap Local proudly works with metal recyclers who buy ali-copper rads / Air Conditioning AC radiators for the best scrap aluminium prices!

What Are Ali-Copper AC Radiators?

As their name implies, these radiators are used in air conditioning units. They are dubbed “ali-copper” as they contain aluminium fins with copper piping running in between them.

Most reputable scrap yards on our network purchase this grade of scrap aluminium for a great price.

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How Much Are Ali-Copper AC Radiators Worth In Scrap?

Ali-copper AC radiators can be worth a fair amount in scrap!

Their value is largely determined by the high amount of non-ferrous metal they contain, however other factors can influence their scrap value. These are:

  • Changes in supply and demand
  • Weight
  • Condition

Due to these variables, there’s no set scrap value for ali-copper AC radiators. Fortunately, Scrap Local works with trusted metal merchants who recycle ali-copper AC radiators for the most up to date prices.

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Find a Scrapyard to Buy Your Scrap Aluminium Copper AC Radiators

Places To Find Ali Copper Radiators

The name says it all! This grade of scrap aluminium can be found in air conditioning units.

For it to be classed as ali-copper, it must contain aluminium fins with copper piping running in between them.

Customers With Copper Ali Rads

Most homeowners and business owners will have access to an ali-copper AC radiator.

If you are looking to replace your old radiator, then why not scrap it with us!

Scrap Local works with reputable metal dealers who offer the best scrap aluminium prices for ali-copper AC radiators.

Make an online enquiry and we’ll connect you to a trusted scrap yard near you as soon as possible!

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