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What Is GunMetal?

GunMetal is arguably one of the most valuable grades of scrap brass.

As an alloy, GunMetal typically contains 88% copper, 8-10% tin and around 2-4% zinc.

Due to its high resistance to steam and water, this grade of metal is typically used in cogs, crown wheels and old pressure valves.

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Current Scrap Price Of GunMetal

As scrap brass prices change on a regular basis, it can be difficult to determine the current scrap value of GunMetal.

That being said, the following factors can influence the price you’re offered to remove your GunMetal:

  • High supply and demand for this grade of metal
  • How much it weighs
  • Condition

As an alloy, GunMetal is highly valued by most metal dealers due to the copper, zinc and tin content it contains.

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Places To Find Scrap Gun Metal

As the name suggests, GunMetal was originally used to make firearms.

However, in the modern day GunMetal is used to make gears, bearings, cogs, crown wheels and old pressure valves.

This metal can withstand steam and corrosion from salt water, so you are more likely to find it in machines and appliances which are subjected to these elements.

Customers Who Have GunMetal To Scrap

Plumbers are more likely to encounter GunMetal for scrap.

This is because the metal is used in heavy duty valves, gears and bearings.

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Gunmetal FAQs

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