Hard Drawn Copper To Scrap?

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Hard drawn copper is a grade of scrap copper which is highly sought after by most reputable scrap yards in the UK.

This type of copper wire has been drawn through a series of dies in order to reduce the size of its diameter.

As its name implies, this grade of scrap copper wire is very strong and can withstand a

significant amount of tension without breaking.

It is a high conductor of heat and electricity and is usually used in overhead power cables. Additionally, hard drawn copper is strong and can resist breaking under tension.

What is the current scrap price for hard drawn copper? Paragraph

Since prices fluctuate on a daily basis due to changes in supply and demand, there is no fixed value for hard drawn copper.

Typically, this particular grade of scrap copper is known as a highly grade copper with scrap metal dealers in the UK.

If you’re looking to scrap hard drawn copper, then please remember that these factors can influence the price you’re offered:

  • Weight of your hard drawn copper
  • Condition of your hard drawn copper
  • Changes in supply and demand

Scrap Local understands how difficult it can be to find up to date scrap copper prices in the UK.

Fortunately, Scrap Local works with trusted scrap metal dealers who are experienced in recycling copper for the most accurate scrap prices.

See how much you could make from your hard drawn copper and submit an enquiry to our trusted team today!

Find a Scrapyard to Buy Your Scrap Hard Drawn Copper

Places To Find Scrap Hard Drawn Copper?

Due to it’s high conductivity and strength, hard drawn copper is mainly used in overhead power cables.

That being said, hard drawn copper can also be found in underground cables too.

Customers Who Have Hard Drawn Copper To Scrap

Those who work in an industry where hard drawn copper is used are more likely to recycle it.

For instance, engineers and construction workers who install and replace overhead and underground power cables will encounter hard drawn copper on a regular basis.

  • Scrap Hard Drawn Copper FAQs

    Hard drawn copper is one of the most valuable grades of scrap copper.

    For the most part, hard drawn copper is worth a decent amount of money due to its weight and high supply and demand.

    However, it’s important to remember that scrap copper prices rise and fall on a daily basis.

    To find the most accurate scrap prices for hard drawn copper, submit an enquiry to Scrap Local!

    Our specialist team will direct your enquiry to a metal merchant in your area who has the latest scrap copper prices for hard drawn wire.

  • How do I sell my hard drawn copper for the best scrap price?

    It’s important to ensure that your hard drawn copper is in good condition as this may impact its scrap price.

    Other than that, there’s very little you can do to your hard drawn copper to improve it’s scrap value.

    Thankfully, most scrap yards purchase and recycle this grade of scrap copper for a decent price.

    If you’re looking to make the most from your hard drawn copper, then put it up for scrap with Scrap Local!

    We work with the UK’s most trusted scrap metal dealers and work hard to ensure that customers receive the best scrap prices for their copper waste.

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