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Scrap Local can help! We work with reputable scrap yards throughout the UK that remove scrap engines with complete gearboxes for the best prices.

What Is A Complete Scrap Engine?

A complete engine for scrap has its gearbox and inner parts intact.

Built to convert heat into mechanical energy, an engine is the heart and soul of your vehicle.

This heavy duty part contains pistons, cylinder heads and blocks which are made from a wide range of metals. Iron base alloys, structural steels and aluminium alloys can all be found in scrap engines.

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Current Scrap Metal Prices For Car Engines & Gearboxes

With Scrap Local you can find scrap yards near you who remove old car engines and gearboxes for the latest scrap metal prices.

Overall, the following factors will be used to determine the genuine value of your scrap engine:

  • The size and weight of your engine
  • Whether it’s complete with its parts and gearbox intact
  • Current supply and demand for this grade of scrap metal

Scrap Local’s metal dealers frequently update their prices to ensure that customers receive the most accurate quotes for their scrap engines.

We even offer a free scrap car collection service and scrap prices with no hidden fees for complete end of life vehicles.

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Find a Scrapyard to Buy Your Scrap Complete Engines & Gearboxes

Places To Find Scrap Engines

Engines are a central part in cars and vans. However, no engine is the same as they can differ in size and the types of metals they contain.

Since most UK vehicles operate on front-wheel drive, your engine can be found above the front axle beneath the bonnet of your car or van.


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Lead Acid Batteries

ELV batteries are a common grade of scrap lead. As their name infers, you can find ELV batteries in most end-of-life vehicles.

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