ELV Batteries To Scrap?

Scrap Local works with independent metal recyclers who scrap ELV batteries hassle-free and for the best scrap lead prices!

What Are Scrap ELV Batteries?

ELV batteries are a common grade of scrap lead! They are sought after in the scrap industry and most reputable metal dealers will recycle them safely and for a great scrap price.

As it’s name implies, these scrap batteries can be found in end of life vehicles (ELVs) and must be recycled by professional scrap yards for safety reasons.

If you’re looking to recycle your car’s battery, then please make an enquiry with Scrap Local. We’ll connect you to a local recycling agent who can help you find what you need hassle-free!

How Much Are ELV Batteries Worth To Scrap?

There’s no fixed scrap price for ELV batteries in the UK.

The most valuable part of ELV batteries is their lead content, however how much this metal is worth will depend upon the current scrap price for lead.

Scrap lead prices rise and fall on a daily basis due to changes in supply and demand so it can be difficult to determine how much lead is currently worth.

That being said, most reputable scrap yards will quote a decent price for ELV batteries!

Scrap Local’s team can connect you directly to a trusted metal recycler who specialises in scrapping ELV batteries for the best prices.

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Find a Scrapyard to Buy Your Scrap Lead Acid Batteries

Places to find Lead Acid Batteries

As their name infers, you can find ELV batteries in most end-of-life vehicles.

Scrap Local advises that you don’t remove or sell your ELV battery as an individual part if you intend to scrap your car. This will inevitably reduce your vehicle’s scrap value and it’s generally a more efficient and cost-effective decision to dispose of your battery and car together.

We are fortunate to work with the UK’s best scrap car buyers and work hard to quote customers prices which don’t include hidden fees.

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Customer types who have ELV Batteries for scrap?

Most motor vehicles have an ELV battery and therefore, most motorists will have access to this grade of scrap lead.

However, most people benefit from scrapping their end-of-life vehicles as a whole rather than removing and selling individual parts. This is because the scrap value of a vehicle will decrease if any major parts are missing.

To scrap your complete vehicle for a great scrap price, just submit an online enquiry to Scrap Local’s trusted team!

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