Have PVC Wires & Household Cable To Scrap?

PVC wire, which is also known as household cable, can be bought by reputable scrap yards and scrap metal dealers across the country. Scrap Local can connect you to reputable scrap yards who purchase and recycle household cable for the best prices!

What is PVC Wire & Household Cable?

PVC wire, which is also known by scrap yards as household cable, can be bought for a decent amount!

Used for most household devices and objects, PVC wires are easily one of most common grades of scrap cable in the UK and can be sold to most scrap yards and metal merchants.

If you have old PVC wires that you’d like to recycle, then please submit an enquiry to Scrap Local! We offer the most up to date prices for scrap wires and work with professional scrap cable buyers across the UK.

How Much Is Scrap PVC Wire Worth?

There’s no shortage of PVC wires in the UK and most scrap yards will offer customers a decent rate because of this.

However, the copper content in your PVC wires will also determine their value in scrap!

If you don’t remove the plug from a PVC wire/household cable, it could be categorised as irony alloyreject cable, or pluggy cable and reduce in monetary value as a result of this.

Plugs and Appliances must be removed from the cable to get the best prices as the contents of plugs such as brass, tin, ceramic and steel will all devalue the price you will receive for your scrap cable.

Since the price of any and all scrap cable grades is largely dependent on the copper contents, it’s safe to say that this is the leading reason as to why PVC wire/household cable is highly valued.

To see how much you could make from your old PVC wires, submit an enquiry to Scrap Local. We work with specialist cable buyers who quote the latest prices for scrap PVC wires!

Find a Scrapyard to Buy Your Scrap PVC Wire (Household Cable)

Places To Find Household Cables & PVC Wire

As the name implies, PVC wires are found in most electronic, household appliances.

Household wires are mainly used as part of plug-in chargers and USB cables for IT devices like PCs, tablets and smartphones.

However, PVC wires can also be found in household appliances like toasters, washing machines and fridges.

Customers Who Scrap Household Cables

Most homeowners will have access to PVC wires. If you have any old household cables to scrap, then please submit an enquiry to our team. Scrap Local is proud to work with trusted metal merchants who quote great cable prices for scrap PVC wires!

Household PVC Cable FAQs

  • Should I remove plugs from my scrap PVC wires?

    If you want to sell your PVC wires for scrap, you must remove the plug or device attached to the cable.

    Most scrap yards won’t accept PVC wires with plugs or devices attached! Your cables could even be categorised as a cheaper grade of scrap metal like irony alloy, reject cable and pluggy cable.

    To ensure that you make the most money from your household cables, cut off the plug and electronic device they’re attached to before visiting your local scrap yard.

  • Should I strip my wire before scrapping it?

    Stripping your wires can be worthwhile if you have the correct tools to do so only if the copper content takes up the majority of the weight.

    Generally speaking, it’s the copper content inside your PVC wires which makes them valuable to scrap metal dealers.

    By stripping and extracting the copper content from your PVC wires, you could potentially receive more for your cables, however, the reason cables are priced differently is to accommodate this weight difference and the time involved in stripping it.

    However, if you don’t have the correct tools to strip your wires properly or damage the copper content during this process, then you could receive less money for your PVC wires than it would be if you weighed it in complete.

    For example, if you burn your household wire it will weigh in as no2 burned copper. Not only does this de-value your copper content but it is extremely harmful to the environment.

    Scrapyards have specialist cable granulation machines to strip cables properly.

    To summarise, you shouldn’t strip your PVC wires if you don’t have the tools to do so or if the copper content is less than 30% of the total mass.

  • How can I find scrap yards who buy PVC wire near me?

    Scrap Local can help you find a local scrap yard that buys PVC wire!

    Once you’ve submitted an online enquiry to our team, we’ll connect you directly to a scrap metal dealer from your area who specialises in scrapping cables like PVC wire for the most accurate prices.

    See how much you could make from your PVC wire and submit your details to us!

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