Copper Cables For Scrap?

Scrap Local works with time-served metal dealers who recycle scrap copper cables for the best prices!

cable plugs

Plugs are often found on the end of specific scrap cables and contain a connector which is usually brass or copper.

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cable lead copper
Lead & Copper Cable

Often found as insulated cable, Lead Copper cable is sheathed with a thick outer layer and is commonly used in external construction and road networks. 

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cable high grade
High-Grade Cable

Shiny and bright, the high-grade cable is a bare copper with no coat or alloy. One of the most valuable and highest-paying copper grades.

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scrap cable
Low Grade Cables

Also known as three phase cable, lowgrade cables consist of two conjoined strands of copper which have been covered by ferrous metal armour.

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refining pvc pyro
PVC Single Cables

PVC single cables are a grade of scrap wire which can be sold to most scrap yards. Their value is determined by their copper content.

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No.1 Armoured Cable

No.1 armoured cables are used in underground systems due to their density and conductivity. They contain 3-4 cores of copper, ferrous armouring, plastic and earth.

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How To Recycle Scrap Copper Cables With Scrap Local

Recycling old cables with Scrap Local is straightforward and easy!

As an award-winning network of scrap yards, we are proud to work with professional recyclers who remove scrap copper cables for the most up to date prices and without any hassle.

Submit an online enquiry to find a local scrap metal dealer who can help you scrap your cables!

What Are The Current Scrap Copper Cable Prices

It’s hard to calculate the current rate for this grade of metal as scrap copper cable prices change on a daily basis.

For the most part, fluctuations in supply and demand impact the price for scrap copper cables in the UK. However, other points such as the amount of copper within the cable itself can influence its monetary value.

Finally, different grades of scrap copper cables like PVC pyro and #1 armoured cable can fetch for different scrap prices.

Nevertheless, Scrap Local will ensure that you can scrap your old copper wires and cables for the most accurate prices. Submit an enquiry to see how much you could make with us!

Where To Find Copper Cable For Scrap

It’s safe to say that there’s no shortage of copper cables in the UK!

As a great conductor of heat and electricity, copper can be found and extracted from most household cables including clean pyro and PVC wire.

Find out how much your scrap cable is worth by submitting an enquiry to our form!

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