No.1 Armoured Cable For Scrap?

You’re in luck! Scrap Local’s metal dealers quote the best scrap metal prices for underground and overhead cables.

What Is No.1 Armoured Cable?

No.1 armoured cables are generally used in underground systems and networks due to their density and conductivity.

They contain 3-4 cores consisting of copper, ferrous armouring, plastic and earth.

This grade of scrap cable is highly valued by most scrap metal dealers on our network.

If you’re looking to remove your no.1 armoured cable, then submit an enquiry to Scrap Local!

How Much Is No.1 Armoured Cable Worth?

This type of cable is highly sought after by most scrap yards due to the amount of copper it contains.

Scrap Local is proud to work with professional metal dealers in the UK who specialise in scrapping no.1 armoured cables. Our agents ensure that the scrap cable prices they offer to our customers are up to date and accurate.

Find out how much your no.1 armoured cables are worth by submitting an enquiry to Scrap Local!

Find a Scrapyard to Buy Your Scrap No.1 Armoured Cable

Places To Find Scrap No.1 Armoured Cables

No.1 armoured cables are primarily used in underground systems and overheard networks due to their high density.

Whilst similar in appearance to lowgrade, no.1 armoured cable is different as it consists of 3-4 cores containing copper, ferrous armouring, plastic and earth.

Customers Who Have NO.1 Armoured Cable

Industrial workers and electricians are likely to encounter no.1 armoured cable for scrap.

As part of their profession, they may be required to install, maintain and remove this type of cable on a regular basis.

Submit an enquiry to Scrap Local to dispose of your no.1 armoured cable with a trusted metal dealer near you.

  • Should I strip my no.1 armoured cable?

    You should only strip your no.1 armoured cables if you have the appropriate tools to do so.

    Since the copper content inside of these cables largely determines their value, it’s a good idea to extract it by removing the earth and plastic cores that encase it.

    However, this process can be messy and time-consuming. If you don’t strip your cables with professional tools, you could damage the copper content inside of them and reduce their scrap value.

  • Where can I sell no.1 armoured cable?

    Most metal dealers in the UK remove no.1 armoured cables for scrap.

    As the UK’s fastest growing network for metal recyclers, Scrap Local is proud to connect our customers with trusted scrap yards who offer the best scrap cable prices.

    Get connected and recycle your old cables with Scrap Local’s agents!

  • Why is no.1 armoured cable valuable?

    The main reason why no.1 armoured cable is so valuable is due to the high amount of copper it contains.

    Scrap copper is sought after by most scrap yards in the UK and is almost always in high supply and demand.

    The armour inside of these cables can also increase their value if it’s made from a valuable metal like lead.

    See how much you could make from your no.1 armoured cables by submitting an enquiry to Scrap Local’s metal dealers.

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