Have Some Scrap PVC Single Cables To Recycle?

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What Are PVC Single Cables?

PVC single cables are a particular grade of scrap wire which can be sold to most scrap yards in the UK.

They are often priced upon evaluation as their value is largely determined by the copper content they contain. The thicker the copper content inside determines the value of the copper. Single copper cables usually have a high percentage of copper content and is typically worth stripping with a cable stripper.

These cables are ideal for carrying high voltages of electricity and can be found in most UK households and businesses.

How Much Are PVC Single Cables Worth In Scrap?

Unlike other scrap cable grades, the value of PVC single cables is solely based on the amount of copper they contain.

The thicker the copper cable contents, the more valuable the single copper cables are worth. typically 80-90% copper content.

Find a Scrapyard to Buy Your Scrap PVC Single Cables

Places to find PV Single Cable

PVC single cables are used in a variety of businesses, industries and households.

This type of cable may also be known as earth cable or high voltage cable by those in the scrap metal industry.

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Customers with PVC Single Cables

Electricians are likely to encounter PVC single cables on a regular basis.

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PVC Single Cable FAQs

Other Grades
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Low-Grade Cable

Low-grade cables consist of poorly insulated cables containing steel wire, generally used for communications. 

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Plugs are often found on the end of specific scrap cables and contain a connector which is usually brass or copper.

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Lead & Copper Cable

Often found as insulated cable, Lead Copper cable is sheathed with a thick outer layer and is commonly used in external construction and road networks. 

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High-Grade Cable

Shiny and bright, the high-grade cable is a bare copper with no coat or alloy. One of the most valuable and highest-paying copper grades.

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