Braziery Copper To Scrap?

Scrap braziery copper joints and fittings can be recycled and sold for a great price in the UK.

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What Is Braziery Copper?

In the scrap industry, braziery refers to joints and fittings which contain around 98% copper and a maximum of 2% brass. Braziery copper typically found in most plumbing systems as soldered copper joints.

This grade of scrap copper is usually tin coated, soldered, brazed or painted.

Your braziery copper must be free of any iron contaminants! Moreover, if your joints or fittings contain more brass than copper, then they could be classed and evaluated as mixed brass.

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What's The Current Scrap Price For Braziery?

Braziery copper joints and fittings are easy to come by and can be valued highly on quantity.

However, it’s important to remember that there isn’t a set value for braziery copper and that the value of all scrap metals can fluctuate due to the changes in supply and demand.

Yet in general, copper braziery fetches for a fair amount of money when recycled with trusted scrap yards.

To receive the best price, you will need to ensure that your joints and fittings contains no contaminants and have more copper than brass.

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We are proud to work with reputable metal merchants who scrap braziery copper for the most up to date prices.

Copper GradePrice Per Ton £Date UpdatedDescription
Dry Bright Wire579514/11/2023Stripped from pvc wire or cables, (no connections)
Clean Copper Electro566214/11/2023Transformer ends, Buzz bar from Mains Power cabinets etc.
Hard Drawn Copper557714/11/2023Overhead Power Cables
Greasy Bright Wire547214/11/2023From underground Cables, usually Lead armoured
New Copper Tube
562414/11/2023New/Clean copper pipe, free of paint, solder & fittings. (no brass)
Heavy Copper
Copper piping painted no fittings/joints. (98% Cu)
No.2 Copper508305/07/2023
CopperCopper piping with some joints/ fittings from central heating systems. (94% Copper no brass, plastic or steel)
Copper Tanks/ Cylinders
Copper Tanks & Cylinders from central heating systems.
Braziery Copper Fittings
Soldered copper joints & fittings only. NO BRASS!
Lead Washed Braziery
From Combi-boilers.
Electric Motors
(Under 1 Tonne) Motors from machines & appliances
Starter Motors & Alternators
Starter motors & Alternators from End of Life vehicles
Find a Scrapyard to Buy Your Scrap Braziery Copper

Places To Find Scrap Braziery

You can find braziery copper in soldered copper joints or fittings used in most plumbing systems to connect different pipes.

Typically, this grade of metal can be identified by its soldered appearance. It must also contain more copper than brass!

Customers Who Have Metal Braziery To Scrap

Most homeowners can find braziery copper joints and fittings in their central heating and plumbing systems. That being said, plumbers are more likely to encounter this grade of scrap copper on a regular basis as part of their job.

If you’re a plumber with braziery copper to scrap, then please submit an enquiry to our team at Scrap Local – we’d love to hear from you!

We’ll ensure that you’re connected to a scrap metal dealer in your area who specialises in braziery and quotes the latest and most accurate scrap copper prices.

FAQ's on Braziery Copper

  • Where can I find scrap yards who buy braziery?

    With Scrap Local you can find independent scrap yards who buy braziery joints and fittings for the best scrap copper prices.

    As the UK’s largest, award-winning network of metal recyclers, we’ve successfully connected thousands of people to reputable yards and scrap metal dealers.

    Submit an online enquiry and we’ll help you find a scrap yard near you!

  • Why is braziery copper highly valued?

    In general, copper braziery fetches a fair amount of money when recycled with trusted scrap yards.

    To receive the best price, you must ensure that your joints and fittings contain no contaminants and have more copper than brass.

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Copper Granules

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Copper tubes can be found in central heating systems. For scrap copper tube to be “new” it needs to be clean and not contaminated.

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