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What Is Dry Bright Wire?

Dry bright wire, which is sometimes referred to as bare bright wire or bright copper, is one of the most valuable grades of scrap copper in the UK.

Most commonly found in household electric cables, dry bright wire is an un-coated and unalloyed grade of copper which fetches for a decent scrap price due to its pure and clean condition.

Bare bright copper wire—sometimes referred to as “bright & shiny” copper—is one of the best copper scrap metals to sell at a scrapyard. Lauded as the most common, yet highly valued copper metals, this is the name that defines bare, uncoated, and unalloyed wire .

To qualify as bare bright copper wire, it must be cleared off of any insulation or coatings, leaving only the clean wires of copper before selling it to a scrapyard. There should be no signs of heavy oxidisation burning or oils on the wire, which is why external marks of paint, impurities, or tarnishing will disqualify it from the classification. Copper piping is unfortunately not a part of this classification.

What Is The Price Of Bright Copper Today?

It’s difficult to determine the current price of bright wire as factors such as changes in supply and demand can cause rates to fluctuate on a regular basis.

That being said, dry bright wire typically fetches for a high price when scrapped in the UK. This type of wire is sought after for most electronic appliances and its untarnished copper content makes it easy to re-use and recycle.

Submit an online enquiry to Scrap Local’s team to see how much your dry bright wire is worth in scrap! We work with reputable metal recyclers who offer current scrap copper prices for desired grades like dry bright wire.

Find a Scrapyard to Buy Your Scrap Dry Bright Wire

Places To Find Copper Wire

This particular grade of copper wire is very common and can be found in electric cables and equipment like motors and transformers.

It’s important to note that this metal can be hard to extract from regular household appliances. This is because any dry bright wire is inside a plastic or PVC coating.

To get the best price for your bright wire you must strip with a knife or cable stripper – don’t burn the plastic off.- Unfortunately, most scrap yards will down grade your dry bright wire if it is burned or oxidised.

Customers Who Have Dry Bright Wire To Scrap?

As dry bright copper is commonly used in electric cables, electricians and construction site workers are more likely to encounter dry bright wire for scrap.

You may be able to extract dry bright wire from other appliances, however, you must ensure that it isn’t burned or frayed. You will need to own a professional cable stripper or a sharp knife to extract dry bright wire properly! So be careful when stripping cable yourself.

If you’re an electrician or construction worker with dry bright to scrap, then submit an enquiry to Scrap Local! We work with reliable scrap yards that purchase and recycle dry bright wire for the best scrap copper rates.

Dry Bright Copper Wire FAQs

  • Where can I sell dry bright wire for scrap?

    To sell your dry bright wire for the best possible price you need to make sure that it’s condition is pure.

    Once you’ve extracted your dry bright wire with a professional cable stripper, you will need to make sure that it’s:

    • Not marked with any paint or coating
    • Pure and free from any and all kinds of tarnishing
    • Bright and shiny red in colour
    • Not burned or corroded
    • Separated from all other classifications of copper wire

    Most scrap yards won’t accept your dry bright wire for scrap if it doesn’t meet the above criteria. If a metal dealer does purchase your dry bright wire, then it might be for a reduced rate if it’s damage, tarnished or burned.

    Scrap Local is proud to work with scrap copper buyers who quote genuine prices for bright wire! Submit an online enquiry to see how much you could make from recycling your dry bright wire in the UK

  • Where can I sell dry bright wire for scrap?

    You can sell dry bright wire to most UK scrap yards. This grade of copper is highly sought after as it can be re-used and recycled due to its durability and pure condition.

    Scrap Local is an award-winning network of independent scrap yards. We are proud to work with time-served metal recyclers who remove dry bright wire for the best scrap copper prices and without any hassle.

    Submit an online enquiry to our form and we’ll connect you directly with a scrap copper buyer in your area!

  • What's the difference between No.1 copper and bare bright copper?

    The main difference between No.1 copper and bare bright wire is tubing.

    Dry bright or bare bright wire should not contain any tubing, coating or insulation when scrapped. However, No.1 copper can contain tubing when scrapped at a local yard.

    Whilst burned wire does not classify as dry bright wire due to its damaged condition, it could classify as No.1 copper.

    Other than that, these grades of wire look surprisingly similar in terms of their colour and condition. They are both unalloyed and un-coated grades of copper which can be sold for great scrap prices!

Other Grades
copper granules

Copper Granules

Granulated copper is refined copper, usually wire, which has been shredded into tiny pieces. This usually presents a higher grade of copper without any impurities or waste. 

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copper no2 wire

No.2 Copper

Often recognised for its dirty appearance, no. 2 copper is made up of a mixture of unalloyed wire, pipe or solid metal, tarnished with coatings

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copper new tube

New Copper Tube

Copper tubes can be found in central heating systems. For scrap copper tube to be “new” it needs to be clean and not contaminated.

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