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What Are Scrap Electric Motors?

Scrap electric motors are a type of refining grade consisting of electric motors that can be oversized.

What Is The Value Of Scrap Electric Motors?

Prices for scrap electric motors can vary dependent on the number of metals they contain, such as copper and aluminium.

In addition, prices for scrap electric motors depend on where you’re based, as prices vary on location.

To get an accurate price, submit an enquiry to find out how much money you’ll receive for your electric motors.

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Places To Find Scrap Electric Motors

Used in power applications, scrap electric motors can be found in common appliances, including your household washing machine or microwave.

You can also find oversize electric motors in car engines.

Who Has Scrap Electric Motors To Recycle?

Scrap Electric Motors can be sold by any member of the public, although those in the motor industry may find oversize electric motors.

  • What Are Scrap Electric Motors?

    Scrap Electric Motors are found in power systems and can include standard electric motors (such as those in microwaves) and oversize electric motors (which can be found in vehicle engines)


  • What Is The Differance Between Electric Motors And Oversize Electric Motors?

    Scrap Electric Motors are usually found in common appliances such as Radios, Microwaves And Washing Machines.

    Oversize Electric Motors are usually found in larger appliances and form the component of car engines.

  • How Much Can I Get For My Scrap Electric Motors?

    The price of scrap electric and oversize motors depends on the quality and quantity, as each engine contains an amount of aluminium copper.

    Moreover, scrap electric motor prices vary from region to region, and current market prices are affected by supply and demand.

    Luckily, Our network of scrap metal merchants pays top prices for scrap electric motors.

    Enquire today to see how much you could sell your scrap electric motors!

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