Looking To Scrap Old Starter Motors & Alternators?

Scrap Local’s copper merchants buy old starter motors and alternators for the best scrap copper prices. Find a local yard near you and make the most from your metal with us!

What Are Starter Motors And Alternators?

Starter motors and alternators are machines used in vehicles to convert electricity into energy.

If you’re old motor is failing and needs to be replaced, then why not make the most from it by scrapping it!

Scrap Local is proud to work with specialist scrap yards who can buy old starter motors and alternators for the best scrap copper prices. See how much you could make by submitting an online enquiry today!

What Are The Current Scrap Prices For Starter Motors And Alternators

Starter motors and alternator prices are affected in line with steel and scrap copper prices. These prices rise and fall on a regular basis as changes in supply and demand occur everyday.

As a grade of scrap copper, your old starter motor or alternator could fetch for a decent scrap price!

To find out how much you could make from your old motor, submit an enquiry to Scrap Local’s expert team. We quote current prices for scrap copper grades and work with time-served metal dealers across the UK.

Find a Scrapyard to Buy Your Scrap Starter Motors Alternators

Places To Find Starter Motors

Starter motors and alternators can be found in any motor vehicle, plant or machinery that has a combustible engine taht needs to start. They’re usually attached to a power source such as a battery.

At Scrap Local we know how temperamental cars and vans can be! If you need to replace your old starter motor or alternator, then why not scrap your old one with our team.

Anyone who owns a motor vehicle will encounter these parts.

However, it’s more likely that garage owners will come across scrap starter motors and alternators when carrying out repairs or part replacements.

If you don’t know what to do with your old alternator or starter motor, then why not put it up for scrap with Scrap Local!

Customers who recycle starter motors and alternators.

Starter motors and alternators are typically scrapped by auto mechanics and engineers who regularly work on plant & machinery.

  • Is the starter motor and alternator the same thing?

    Whilst grouped as the same grade of refining copper, these are two separate parts.

    Your starter motor is the electric motor which starts your car’s engine. If your motor stops working, then your set of wheels won’t start.

    The alternator is the part which charges your car’s battery. It is related to the starter motor as this part needs a fully charged battery to run properly.

  • What are the signs of a starter motor or alternator problem?

    There are many telltale signs of a faulty starter motor or alternator.

    You should consider replacing your starter motor if the following occurs:

    • You car is slow to start or doesn’t start at all
    • The engine stops after the car tries to start, but the motor keeps going
    • Lights are dim whilst attempting to start your car

    You should replace your alternator if the following happens:

    • Growling or whining noises
    • Smell of burning rubber or hot wires
    • Dashboard warning lights for ALT, GEN or a battery symbol
    • Dimming lights, slow power windows, and problems with your speedometer
    • Car won’t start and you hear clicking

    If your car won’t start, then it might mean that your battery is low. However, this can also be an underlying problem with your alternator.

    To scrap your old starter motor or alternator for a great price, just submit an online enquiry to Scrap Local’s reputable metal merchants!

  • What Are The Prices For Starter Motors'?

    Starter Motors prices can change daily, although as a refining grade, you can expect a fair price for them.

    This is due to certain elements within the starter motors becoming quite desirable to many scrap metal merchants who accept them.

    It’s important to note the price you receive for your starter motors alternators can depend on the amount of starter motors alternators you have and the location, quantity and market rate of your metal waste.

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