Need To Scrap Greasy Bright Wire?

Greasy bright wire is another grade of scrap copper which you can sell for a decent price with scrap metal dealers in the UK featured on Scrap Local.

What Is Greasy Bright Wire?

Just like dry bright wire, greasy bright wire is highly sought after by most UK scrap yards!

Usually coated in a layer of grease, this grade of scrap copper is often used in lead armoured and underground cables.

Unfortunately the grease does de-value the grade of copper slightly but it is still a high value grade of copper.

What Is The Current Scrap Value For Greasy Bright Wire?

Greasy bright wire is frequently valued at a reasonably high price, however it’s important to keep in mind that the daily price of any scrap copper mainly depends on supply and demand. Other factors such as the quantity and quality of greasy bright wire could also impact its price.

It’s important to note that the following points may impact the scrap price you’re quoted for your greasy bright wire:

  • Weight of your copper wire
  • Condition of your greasy bright wire
  • Supply and demand for this metal grade

Scrap Local realises how hard it can be to find the latest scrap copper prices. Thankfully, we work with experienced scrap yards who specialise in greasy bright wire and quote the most accurate scrap copper prices.


Find a Scrapyard to Buy Your Scrap Greasy Bright Wire

Places To Find Scrap Greasy bright wire

Greasy bright wire can primarily be found in lead armoured, underground cables.

As a grade of scrap copper, it is an effective conductor of electricity and ideal for this type of cable.

If you believe that you have greasy bright wire, then why not scrap it with Scrap Local!

We’ll connect you directly to a local agent who can accurately evaluate a scrap price for your copper wire without any hassle.

Customers With Scrap Greasy Bright Wire

As this metal is used in underground cables, it’s likely that those who work in high powered electrical cables such as cable jointers or the electricity board.

The construction industry, demolition companies and engineering firms will also encounter this grade of scrap copper wire.

If you have greasy bright wire to scrap, then submit an online enquiry to Scrap Local’s metal recyclers!

Greasy Bright Wire FAQs

  • Why is greasy bright wire highly valued?

    Whilst scrap copper prices rise and fall on a daily basis, most UK scrap yards will purchase scrap greasy bright wire for a great amount of money.

    As it’s frequently used in lead armoured and underground cables, greasy bright wire is usually in high supply and demand.

    However, other factors such as the condition and weight of your greasy bright wire need to be considered when evaluating an accurate scrap price.

    Scrap Local is proud to work with trusted scrap metal dealers who specialise in greasy bright wire and quote genuine prices.

    See how much you could make from your metal waste and submit an enquiry with us!

  • What does greasy bright wire look like?

    As its name implies, this particular grade of scrap copper wire has a layer of grease on its surface.

    Aside from this, greasy bright wire looks very similar to dry bright wire.

    If you think that you have greasy bright wire, then submit an enquiry to Scrap Local’s team.

    We’ll forward your enquiry to a scrap metal dealer in your area who will be able to identify your scrap copper wire and offer you an accurate price for it.

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