Need To Scrap Your Copper Cylinder?

Scrap Local can help! We offer the latest scrap copper prices for hot water tanks and work with reputable scrap yards across the UK.

What Are Copper Cylinders?

Also known as hot water tanks, copper cylinders are used in most central heating systems in the UK. They are usually cocooned in a foam insulating layer to retain as much heat as possible.

Copper tanks are surprisingly valuable when scrapped with reputable metal merchants and at Scrap Local we can help you make the most from this grade of copper.

They are designed to conduct heat quickly and hold large quantities of water, so they are ideal for keeping UK households warm.

How Much Is My Copper Cylinder Worth In Scrap?

It’s worth your time to consider selling your old copper tank/cylinder for scrap.

The weight of copper tanks/cylinders alone will likely lead to a high price as the price of scrap copper is measured per kilo.

Additionally, if you clean your copper tank/cylinder of any excess material such as insulating foam, water, or its heating element then its price may increase on account of good quality.

It is important to remember that prices for all types of scrap metal can change due to supply and demand.

The following points could impact the amount you’re quoted to recycle your hot water tank:

  • Weight of your copper cylinder
  • Size of your copper cylinder
  • Free of insulation foam
  • Drained of any water
  • Heating element is removed

Scrap Local strive to provide customers with the best possible prices for their scrap copper tanks.


Find a Scrapyard to Buy Your Scrap Copper Tanks / Cylinders

Places To Find Copper Cylinder

Copper cylinders are used in central heating systems. They are typically kept in airing cupboards, however they may be located elsewhere in your home such as your garage or loft space.

Customers Who Have Copper Cylinders To Scrap?

Most homeowners in the UK with older homes without a central heating system have hot water tanks as they are ideal for retaining heat.

However, those involved in site renovations and the plumbing trade can also encounter these objects for scrap more frequently as part of their job.

To get the best price for your copper tanks, you must ensure that any jackets or insulating foam is removed and that excess water is drained before scrapping a copper cylinder with a local metal dealer.

Make the most from your old copper tank and submit an enquiry to our online form today!

  • What is the current price of scrap copper cylinders in the UK?

    It’s difficult to determine the current scrap price of copper cylinders in the UK. This is because scrap copper prices rise and fall on a regular basis due to changes in supply and demand.

    Moreover, the weight, size and condition of your copper tank may impact the price you’re quoted to scrap it.

    Fortunately, Scrap Local works with reliable scrap yards across the country who offer a straightforward approach to metal recycling and pay the most accurate scrap prices for copper cylinders.

    See how much your tank is worth in scrap by submitting a quick enquiry to our trusted team!

  • Who buys copper cylinders for scrap?

    Most non-ferrous scrap yards in the UK purchase copper cylinders for scrap.

    Scrap Local is proud to work with copper tank specialists who recycle copper cylinders for the best price.

  • Should I remove the insulation from my copper tank?

    To get the better price – Yes! Some scrap yards may not accept your copper tank if it still has its foam insulation but most reputable ones will. You could even receive a lower offer for your hot water cylinder if it has traces of insulation!

    You should also drain any excess water from your copper cylinder before recycling it as well.

    Scrapyards see copper cylinders day in, day out and due to it’s high prices some rogue traders try increasing the weight of their copper tanks by adding water, sludge or dirt to the tanks.

    You may get refused or banned for trying this at a scrapyard.

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