Have Some Lead Armoured Cable To Scrap?

Do you want to recycle your scrap cables but don’t know how or where to do it? Luckily, recycling cables with our agents at Scrap Local is easy!

Scrap Local works with professional metal recyclers who pay the best prices for scrap lead armoured cable!

What Is Lead Armoured Cable?

Lead armoured cable is a valuable grade of scrap metal which is highly sought after by most scrap yards in the UK.

This type of cable contains copper wire which is armoured by plastic and lead.

For the most part, lead armoured cable is very similar to #1 armoured cable and lowgrade cable. However, this particular grade of cable can usually be identified by large coats of earth found on their armour.

The amount of copper your scrap cable contains can also impact how much you could receive for it. In general, you are more likely to receive a high price for your scrap cable if it has a high amount of copper inside.

How Valuable Is Lead Armoured Cable To Scrap?

Due to the high amount of copper and lead they contain, lead armoured cables are typically worth a decent amount of money when scrapped.

You can sell your lead armoured cables as they are or strip them to extract the metal inside them.

The price for lead armoured cable accommodates the requirement for the material to be stripped.

The contents are typically 30-50% Lead, 20-40% Greasy Bright Copper and 20-30% Steel and 10-20% tar or pvc plastic and paper.

Find a Scrapyard to Buy Your Scrap Lead Armoured Cable

Places To Find Lead Armoured Colours

Lead armoured cables are typically installed in underground industrial sites.

Once recovered by electricians, they are usually coated in tar and substantial amounts of earth that need to be cleared and removed to get the best scrap prices.

Customers Who Have Lead Armored Cable For Scrap?

Electricians who operate underground industrial sites for the electricity board will typically encounter this type of scrap cable on a regular basis.

Demolition companies and remediation companies also discover lead armoured cables for scrap when taking down buildings or digging out landscapes for new building sites.

If you’re looking to dispose of lead armoured cable, then submit a quick enquiry to Scrap Local.

Once we have your details to-hand, we’ll connect you directly to a reputable metal dealer who covers your area, specialises in recycling lead armoured cable and quotes the best scrap prices for metal waste.

  • What is the current scrap price for lead armoured cable?

    Scrap cable prices rise and fall on a daily basis due to changes in supply and demand. Due to this, it’s difficult to determine the current scrap price of lead armoured cable.

    Typically, the following factors will influence how much you’re quoted to scrap your lead armoured cable in the UK:

    • Amount of copper inside your cable
    • Amount of lead inside your cable
    • Condition of the cable
    • Weight of the cable

    Fortunately, Scrap Local works with reliable metal dealers who offer the most up to date scrap prices for lead armoured cables.

    To see how much you could make from recycling your lead armoured cables, submit an enquiry through our online form!

  • Should I strip my lead armoured cable?

    If you strip your lead armoured cable to extract the copper and lead content inside of them, then you could increase the scrap price your offered by a local scrap yard.

    However, you will need to use a professional cable stripper to do this successfully.

    If you don’t strip your cables properly, then you could damage the metal content inside of them and diminish their scrap value!

    In short, only strip your lead armoured cable if you have the equipment and experience to do so.

  • Should I strip my lead armoured cable?

    Scrap Local can help you find metal recyclers in your area who scrap lead armoured cable hassle-free and for the best prices.

    Once you’ve submitted an enquiry to our online form, we’ll connect you directly to a reputable scrap yard who covers your area and is experienced in recycling lead armoured cable.

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