Have Clean Pyro or PVC Pyro To Scrap?

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What is Copper Pyro?

Primarily used in electrical emergency systems such as fire alarm systems  & emergency backup power suplies, clean pyro is a common grade of cable weighed in at scrapyards.

These cables are mass produced across the globe and can be clean or coated with PVC and used in a wide range of environments. Sometimes they can be known as MI cable as they are mineral-insulated.

Whilst similar to clean pyro, the metal and electric wire inside of PVC pyro is insulated by a softer and more flexible form of Polyvinyl Chloride. This is to protect the inner core from damage in fires etc.

What's The Current Scrap Value Of Copper Pyro?

Typically, clean pyro is valuable due to the high amount of copper it contains! However because of the mineral insulation, the price of clean and pcy pyro cable is reduced when compared to clean copper or dry bright wire.

You much make sure there is no contamination to the pyro in the form of switch boxes, fire alarm switches, alarms or lighting attached.


Find a Scrapyard to Buy Your Scrap Copper Pyro

Places To Find Copper Pyro

Clean pyro is extensively used in electrical emergency systems for UK businesses.

Most alarm systems and emergency lighting power supplies contain clean pyro cable and PVC pyro is mainly used for power and control circuits in critical equipment due to its conductivity and insulation such as fire alarm systems and emergency lighting.

Fire alarms, emergency lighting systems and emergency power systems all contain PVC pyro.

Customers Who Have Clean or PVC Copper Pyro To Scrap

Businesses, industrial sites and workshops will all have access to emergency systems and control circuits which contain this type of cable.

Alot of industrial business owners throughout the UK will encounter clean pyro for scrap such as factories, warehouses, food production businesses and offices.

Additionally, those who install, repair and replace electrical emergency systems will frequently come across this specific grade of scrap cable.

If you believe that you have clean pyro for scrap, then submit an enquiry to Scrap Local’s specialist team

  • What does PVC pyro look like?

    PVC pyro is used in a wide range of appliances and can be easily mistaken for clean pyro.

    Typically, PVC pyro has an overall diameter of 5 – 26mm and consists of the following materials:

    • Bare copper
    • PVC sheath
    • Low smoke and fume polymer sheath

    Depending on the type of appliance it’s used for, the thermoplastic-sheath for these cables can come in white, red, black or orange.

    You will usually find PVC pyro in power and control circuits like fire alarm systems.

  • How much will I get to scrap my PVC pyro?

    Scrap prices aren’t set in stone and can change on a daily basis. To give you some insight into how much you could be offered for your PVC pyro, here are the main factors metal dealers use to calculate up to date scrap cable prices:

    • Copper content within your scrap cables
    • Amount of cables you’re looking to scrap
    • Current supply and demand for PVC pyro in the UK

    Scrap Local is fortunate to work with reliable scrap yards who offer some of the best scrap cable prices for old wires.

    See how much you could make from your PVC pyro by submitting an online enquiry to Scrap Local’s metal specialists today!

  • Should I Strip My Copper Pyro For a Better Price?

    No, It’s not advisable to strip copper pyro for it’s content and pyro is priced accordingly to accommodate the mineral contained within that protects the inner core from being damaged by fire or water.

    Pyro is extremely rigid and difficult to strip unless it is done in an industrial stripping machine such as a cable granulator. Even then, will it have to be passed along a conveyor system where the mineral/dust can be blown off and separated properly.

    The mineral/dust when inhaled can be quite toxic to the human body too. Leave the stripping of  clean & PVC Pyro to the metal recycling professionals.

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