Need To Scrap Cast Aluminium?

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What Is Cast Aluminium?

Cast aluminium is a particular grade of aluminium which has been heated and poured into a cast mould.

This grade of scrap aluminium is widely purchased by reputable metal dealers in the UK and the meticulous process of making cast aluminium does not diminish the metal’s quality in any way.

Cast aluminium is fragile and breaks very easily. Please handle this metal with care when transporting it to a scrap yard or metal merchant near you.

How Much Is Cast Aluminium Worth In Scrap?

Cast aluminium is valued on a price per tonne basis by most reputable scrap metal dealers. Generally speaking, the more cast aluminium you have, the more you could receive to scrap it!

However, the condition of your cast aluminium can also impact its scrap value. For instance, if your cast aluminium contains any screws or bolts, then it could be worth less.

There is no set monetary value for scrap cast aluminium as prices tend to fluctuate on a regular basis, however will typically receive a fair amount for this metal grade.

See how much you could make from your cast aluminium by submitting an enquiry to Scrap Local’s specialist team today!

Find a Scrapyard to Buy Your Scrap Cast Aluminium

Places To Find Scrap Cast Aluminium

You can find cast aluminium in a range of places.

This particular metal grade is most commonly used in vehicle parts like engine blocks, transmission bodies and intake manifolds, however, it’s important to note that these parts might not be classed as cast aluminium by some scrap yards.

For example, if your engine block contains traces of steel, then it won’t be classified and bought as cast aluminium by a scrap metal dealer.

Patio furniture and cookware can also be made from cast aluminium as this metal is heated and poured into a mould to make a particular shape.

Customers Who Have Cast Aluminium For Scrap

Most producers of scrap metal waste will encounter cast aluminium, however, it can be difficult to distinguish this metal grade from others.

Those who work in the production of cast aluminium are more likely to recognise and scrap this kind of metal.

If you think you have cast aluminium to scrap, then please submit an enquiry to Scrap Local. We’ll connect you with a local scrap metal dealer who’s experienced in identifying and removing cast aluminium for the best scrap aluminium prices!

Cast Aluminium FAQ's

what is cast aluminium, where to find it and who recycles it? Your questions answered.
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