Scrap Aluminium Extrusion To Recycle?

Scrap Local proudly works with non ferrous metal merchants in the UK who recycle aluminium and quote the best scrap aluminium prices for aluminium extrusion!

What Is Aluminium Extrusion?

Aluminium extrusion, more commonly known as HE 9, is metal which has been pushed through a machine to make a particular shape.

This grade of scrap aluminium is easy to identify due to its peculiar shape and patterned ends.

If you have aluminium extrusion to scrap, then please drop us an enquiry! Scrap Local works with the industry’s best metal merchants and offers customers the best scrap aluminium prices for their metal waste.

How Much Is Scrap Aluminium Extrusion?

Overall, scrap aluminium extrusion fetches for a high price when recycled by reputable scrap metal dealers.

However, it’s important to check whether your aluminium extrusion contains any plastic as this could result in it being classed as a different metal grade with a different value such as thermal break or irony aluminium.

Due to factors such as supply and demand impacting scrap aluminium prices on a daily basis, there is unfortunately no set monetary value for aluminium extrusion.

Scrap Local can help you find the most up to date aluminium prices for your extrusion without any hassle. Submit an enquiry to our team to make the most from your aluminium waste today!

Find a Scrapyard to Buy Your Scrap Aluminium Extrusion

Places To Find Aluminium Extrusion

Aluminium extrusion that can be scrapped is not something you typically come across everyday! But there are more items made up of aluminium extrusion than you think – This type of scrap aluminium is typically found in homes in items such as stairlifts, conservatories and window frames.

Ali Extrusion is also used to make items such as bus stops, advertisement boards and shelving because it is strong, lightweight, durable and can take impact well because of it’s formation.

Aluminium can also be on the manufacturing lines of factories in the form of trollies, racking and shelving…

Customers Who Have Aluminium Extrusion

Those who manufacture products made out of HE 9 aluminium extrusion are likely to encounter this type of scrap metal.

Shop fitters, advertisement companies, shops and factories along with window fitters and construction workers will be amongst the trades and people who would have aluminium extrusion to recycle.

If you’re looking to scrap aluminium extrusion, then you need to make sure that it doesn’t contain any plastic. Most scrap yards won’t accept extrusion with plastic and could class your aluminium waste as a different grade of metal with a different monetary value.

Submit an enquiry to Scrap Local to remove your extrusion with a reputable scrap metal dealer!

Your Questions Answered About Ali Extrusion

We’ll try our best to answer any questions you may have about aluminium extrusion here.
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