Aluminium Cans To Scrap?

Scrap Local’s non ferrous metal recyclers can remove your aluminium cans for the best scrap aluminium prices!

What Are Scrap Aluminium Cans?

Aluminium cans are single use containers that are made for packaging foods and soft drinks such as fizzy pop and alcohol. Global production is 180 billion annually and is known to be the largest single use product of aluminium globally because they are lightweight, strong, easy to stack.


Current Scrap Price For Aluminium Cans

You can receive a decent scrap price for soft drink cans and choosing to scrap them with a reputable metal dealer can also be beneficial for the environment.

It’s difficult to determine the current scrap value of aluminium cans as scrap prices rise and fall on a daily basis.

However, you are likely to make more from your soft drink cans by ensuring that:

  • They are clean
  • They are free of steel
  • There’s plenty of them to scrap

If you’re looking for the best price when you recycle scrap aluminium cans with a local metal dealer, then you must ensure that they are clean and don’t contain other metals like steel.

Traces of steel could diminish the scrap value of your aluminium cans and they could be dismissed altogether by metal merchants.

Check if your soft drink cans are made from aluminium by looking out for the “alu” symbol. You can also use a magnet to make sure that your aluminium cans aren’t magnetic.

Generally speaking, scrap prices are calculated on price per tonne. In short, the more cans you weigh in for scrap, the more you could be offered for them.

Scrap Local can help you make the most from your scrap aluminium cans. So if you have some that you’d like to recycle, then feel free to submit an enquiry to a featured scrapyard on Scrap Local!

Find a Scrapyard to Buy Your Scrap Aluminium Cans

Places To Find Aluminium Cans

There’s no shortage of aluminium cans in the UK. Almost every shop stocks aluminium cans and there’s typically never a day where you won’t see an aluminium can of some kind.

Aluminium is an ideal metal for soft drink cans as it’s light, resistant to rust and can be easily recycled.

Customers Who Have Aluminium Cans

Most homeowners will have access to aluminium cans as they are readily available in supermarkets and are used by most soft drink companies.


Got a Question About Aluminium Cans?

If you have a question about how to recycle aluminium cans and where to scrap them, we’ve put together some FAQ’s here.
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