What You Need To Scrap A Car With Scrap Local

Scrapping your car sounds like a daunting job that’s nothing but paperwork.

Luckily, Scrap Local work hard to make sure that scrapping cars is quick and easy for our customers across the country.

Scrap Local’s expert team will help you find what you need to scrap a car with one of our trusted agents. 

Top Things You Need To Scrap A Car

Scrapping your car with Scrap Local is easy! All you need is:

  • Valid Photo ID
  • Keys to your vehicle
  • Payment details

Ideally, you should provide our drivers with your vehicle log book (V5C) on the day of collection.

The collection agent who comes to remove your vehicle should fill out and return to you section 4 or 9 from your V5C. You will need this section to contact DVLA about scrapping your vehicle.

However, this document is not necessary to scrap your car with Scrap Local!

If you’re looking to scrap your car without having to worry about any paperwork, then feel free to submit a scrap car enquiry to us.

How Do I Notify DVLA That I've Scrapped My Car?

You can notify DVLA that you’ve scrapped your car with us online.

When you contact DVLA about your car, you will need:

  • 11 digit reference number from section 4 or 9 of your V5C (the yellow slip)
  • Your vehicle’s REG
  • Name and address of the ATF your vehicle is being taken to

You can ask our collection agent for the name and address of the ATF they’re taking your car to when they come to collect it.

Scrap Local also recommends that you make a note of our agent’s contact details in case you need them.

You can notify the DVLA by clicking the “Tell DVLA” button below.

Scrap Local's FAQs On What You Need To Scrap Your Car

Scrap Local understands that scrapping a car is an important job which needs to be done properly.

To ensure that this process is stress-free for everyone, Scrap Local’s team have compiled the top questions we receive on what you need to scrap a car with one of our trusted agents.

When one of our trusted agents comes to collect your vehicle, you will need to provide them either with your:

  • UK passport
  • Driving Licence

Both of these forms of photo ID will need to be valid, in-date and have the correct information for our agents to collect your car for scrap.

Our trusted collectors will need your car keys to access the handbrake and move your car successfully onto their recovery vehicle.

If you can’t find your car keys, then please contact Scrap Local’s team and we’ll make a note of this for our drivers.

Scrap Local understands that payment details are personal information which must be protected.

Once you’ve agreed to book your car in for collection, Scrap Local’s trusted team will ask you for your payment details so that the amount you’ve been quoted can be transferred to you securely.

If you’re still unsure, then feel free to contact Scrap Local’s auto experts on 01706 577 574.

No, you don’t need to provide your vehicle log book (V5C) to scrap your car with Scrap Local.

However, Scrap Local recommends that you give our collection agents your V5C as it will make scrapping your car simpler for you.

When we come to collect your scrap car:

  • Give our agent your V5C
  • Keep the yellow slip they remove from it
  • Use the 11 digit reference number on the yellow slip to tell DVLA that you’ve scrapped your car

You can arrange to have your scrap vehicle collected hassle-free by one of Scrap Local’s specialists by submitting an enquiry online.

Have Another Question About Scrapping Your Car?

Congratulations! You now have everything you need to scrap your car hassle-free with one of Scrap Local’s trusted vehicle collectors.

If you’re looking to scrap your car and don’t want to worry about any paperwork, then why not submit an enquiry to our reliable agents.

Scrap Local works hard to ensure that scrapping cars is a stress-free experience for all of our customers! 

If you have an unanswered question on what you need to scrap a car with Scrap Local, then feel free to get in touch with us and we’ll respond as soon as possible.

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