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Alloy Wheels To Scrap?

Scrap Local is proud to remove alloy wheels for the best aluminium prices in the UK!

Do you have a set of scrap alloy wheels that you'd like to scrap for a fair price? At Scrap Local you can browse our scrap network for local scrap yards who can scrap alloy wheels for the greatest scrap aluminium prices in the UK. Find a scrap yard near you and make a scrap enquiry with our team to scrap alloy wheels without any hassle and for the best scrap aluminium prices.

Local Scrapyards that buy Alloy Wheels

Alloy wheels can be found on the vast majority of modern vehicles. They are made out of an alloy consisting of aluminium and magnesium.

Their light weight enables motorists to accelerate and stop faster compared to heavier, steel wheels.

These wheels are highly valued for scrap metal dealers because they are in high supply and demand.

To see how much you could make from scrapping your old alloy wheels, submit a quick enquiry to Scrap Local’s team! We quote the best prices for scrap alloy wheels and work hard to make metal recycling easy.

Scrap Metal Recycling

Our scrap metal collection and recycling service is built around your individual needs. We offer transit collections, skip collections as well as hiab services . We can provide regular scheduled collections or one-off collections at times to suit you.

Alloy Wheels Prices Per kg

We pay competitive rates for scrap metal by the tonne. 

Top Locations

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