Stainless Turnings To Scrap?

Scrap Local’s metal dealers offer the best scrap prices on stainless steel turnings!

What Are Stainless Steel Turnings?

Turnings are leftover filings you’ll find after cutting into blocks or sheets of stainless steel with a machine.

They resemble pencil shavings and are sharp to the touch.

These bits of debris are too small to be reused, but they are ideal for scrappage!


Scrap Prices On Stainless Steel Turnings

The scrap price you’ll be offered for your turnings will be determined by the following points:

  • Amount of stainless steel turnings you have
  • Current supply and demand for this metal in the UK

Scrap prices on stainless steel turnings frequently fluctuate so it’s important to speak with a local scrap yard to check how much you could get for your metal waste.

Fortunately, Scrap Local works with reputable recyclers across the UK who specialise in stainless steel and offer the most up to date scrap prices.

Submit your details to our online form to see how much you could make from your turnings!

Find a Scrapyard to Buy Your Scrap Stainless Steel Turnings

Places to find Stainless Steel Turnings

Stainless steel turnings can be found in industrial sites and factories which manufacture metal products.

These residue shavings can fetch for a decent scrap price when collected and weighed in with a professional metal dealer.

Metalworkers who manufacture stainless steel appliances will come across turnings to scrap.

These small filings are surprisingly lucrative for businesses and it can be worthwhile to collect and store them for scrappage.

If you’re looking to clear your workshop floor of leftover turnings, submit an enquiry to Scrap Local!

Other Grades
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Stainless Steel

316 Stainless Steel

Due to its resistance to corrosive elements, 316 stainless steel can be found in a wide selection of construction and marine products.

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stainless steel 18 8
Stainless Steel

18/8 Stainless Steel

18/8 stainless steel is a grade of scrap metal used in kitchenware. Also known as 304, this grade contains 18% chromium and 8% nickel.

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stainless steel scrap

Stainless Steel

Most kitchen accessories, cutlery and cookware are made from stainless steel and less malleable grades can be used to make sharp knife blades.

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