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What Is New Brass?

As its name suggests, New Brass is a clean metal bar which is free of impurities and has come straight off of production.

If you work in an industrial site which makes brass bars, then you are more likely to come across this grade of metal on a regular basis.

Due to its untarnished condition, New Brass is highly valued by most metal dealers in the UK and can be scrapped for a decent price.

Current Scrap Value Of New Brass

There is no fixed price for scrapping New Brass as changes in supply and demand can cause prices to rise and fall on a daily basis.

Different factors are used to determine the scrap value of New Brass. In general, these are:

  • Total weight of your New Brass
  • Condition of your New Brass
  • Current supply and demand for this metal grade

Scrap Local is proud to work with reputable metal dealers who offer the most up to date scrap prices for New Brass.

To see how much you could currently make from your brass waste, submit an online enquiry to us!

Find a Scrapyard to Buy Your Scrap New Brass

Places To Find New Brass

New Brass specifically refers to clean brass bars which have come straight off of the production line.

They can only be found in the industrial sites which produce them.

Customers Who May Have New Brass To Scrap?

Metal manufacturers who produce New Brass will encounter this grade of metal on a regular basis.

If you have spare New Brass bars that you’d like to scrap, then why not do so with Scrap Local?

Submit an enquiry and we’ll connect you to a reliable metal merchant who covers your area and specialises in removing New Brass for the best scrap prices.

New Brass FAQs

  • Why is New Brass highly valued for scrap?

    The main reason why New Brass is highly valued by scrap metal dealers is its condition.

    This grade of metal has come straight from a production line and is free from soldering, contaminating metals and corrosion.

    In the scrap industry, this is brass in its purest form and it should be valued as such.

    It’s important to note that other factors such as changes in supply and demand and the total weight of your New Brass can impact the amount you’re offered to dispose of it.

  • Where can I find scrap metal dealers who remove New Brass?

    With Scrap Local you can be connected directly with scrap metal dealers who remove New Brass.

    As the UK’s fastest growing network for all things scrap, we cover multiple areas in the UK and work with metal specialists who offer the latest scrap brass prices.

    Submit an enquiry today and we’ll find a scrap metal dealer near you!

  • How do I make the most from my New Brass?

    Unlike other grades of scrap brass, there’s not much you can do to increase the value of your New Brass bars.

    Since its brand new and straight off of a production line, this grade of metal is already valuable and doesn’t need to be cleaned before being scrapped.

    To make the most from your New Brass, simply take it down to your local scrap yard or arrange to have it collected by a reputable metal dealer.

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