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What Is Scrap Mixed Brass?

Mixed Brass is one of the most common grades of scrap brass in the UK.

As it’s name suggests, this grade consists of mixed yellow brass solids which are free from contaminating metals.

This metal is used in a wide range of appliances including ornaments, door handles and plumbing fittings such as taps, shower heads and radiator fittings.

To get the most value from your scrap mixed brass plumbing, just submit an enquiry to a scrapyard featured on Scrap Local!

What's The Current Scrap Price For Mixed Brass?

There is no fixed price for mixed brass. The scrap brass prices rise and fall on a regular basis due to changes in supply and demand.

In addition to this, the following points can influence the amount you’re offered to scrap your Mixed Brass:

  • Total weight of the metal
  • Whether it contains contaminating metals
  • Your location

Scrap Local takes steps to ensure that our customers receive the most up to date scrap brass prices for their metal waste by regularly prompting our network of scrapyards to update their scrap brass prices regularly.

We work with reputable scrap metal dealers who specialise in Mixed Brass and can provide current scrap prices for this metal grade.

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Find a Scrapyard to Buy Your Scrap Mixed Brass

Places To Find Mixed Brass

Mixed Brass is a very versatile metal grade and can be found in a wide selection of appliances.

Plumbing fittings which are used to connect copper pipes in central heating systems are likely to be made from Mixed Brass.

With Scrap Local you can make the most from your metal waste by scrapping both your brass plumbing fittings and scrap copper pipes. Make sure that you separate these two types of metal from each other before weighing them in at your local scrap yard!

You can also find Mixed Brass in door handles, kitchen or bathroom taps and some ornaments.

Customers Who Mixed Brass For Scrap

Due to its wide usage, most producers of scrap metal waste will encounter Mixed Brass for scrap.

That being said, plumbers are more likely to come across fittings which contain this grade of scrap metal.

If you have Mixed Brass that you’d like to weigh in for scrap, then submit an enquiry to Scrap Local!

We’ll connect you to a trusted scrap metal dealer who covers your area and offers the latest scrap brass prices.

Mixed Brass FAQs

  • How much will I get for my Mixed Brass?

    How much you’ll be offered to scrap your Mixed Brass will largely be determined by the following points:

    • Total weight of your Mixed Brass
    • Free of any contaminating metals like aluminium bronze
    • Current supply and demand for this metal

    Scrap Local can connect customers to local metal merchants on our network who offer up to date scrap brass prices.

    Make the most from your scrap brass by submitting your details to our online form!

  • How do I make the most from my Mixed Brass fittings? Answer

    You should scrap any Mixed Brass fittings separately from the copper pipes they’re attached to in order to make the most from them.

    If you weigh your fittings in whilst they’re attached to copper pipes, then they could be categorised and valued as a different metal grade like braziery.

    By removing your brass fittings you can scrap them and your copper pipers as individual metal grades and receive offers for both of them!

  • Where can I sell brass near me?

    You can sell any brass you want to scrap with Scrap Local’s metal merchants!

    As the UK’s fastest growing network for all things scrap, we work with reputable metal dealers who cover multiple areas across the country and offer scrap brass prices which are up to date.

    Submit your details to our online form to be connected to a scrap yard who can help you!

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