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Your Guide To Scrap Car Values

The scrap car value of a car is determined by many factors!

Understandably, if you have a car for scrap that you want to sell, it’s important to find the best scrap car price for your old set of wheels.

Our handy guide breaks down what makes the scrap car value of a car, How to calculate the scrap car value of your vehicle as well as some tips on getting the best quote when scrapping your car from our trusted network of local car scrap yards and car breakers.

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What Is The Scrap Car Value Of A Vehicle?

The scrap car value is simply how much your old vehicle is worth.  How much your scrap car is worth depends on a few factors.

These include the current price per tonne in your area, vehicle age, make and model as well as if your vehicle is complete with steel alloys, engine and any other key components that add to the metal weight. 

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How To Calculate The Scrap Car Value Of A Vehicle

To calculate the scrap car value you will need the weight of your vehicle.

  • This is the main factor that affects your scrap car’s value as most vehicles are bought for scrap on their metal weight.
  • The more metal your vehicle contains, the more scrap car value it will provide once crushed at an ATF (Authorised Treatment Facility). 

In a nutshell, how much your car is worth for scrap depends on the following:

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How Can I Get The Best Scrap Car Value?

To get the best scrap car price, ensure your vehicle is complete, has steel alloys, a battery as well as any other key components which can provide you with a higher scrap car value.  

In addition, it’s important to sell your car for scrap to a trusted recycler.

Not only can we get you the best scrap car price, but we only work with trusted recyclers who offer a no-hassle quote, free and fast scrap car collection followed by fast payment and paperwork.

Under the scrap metal dealers act 2013, it is illegal to buy or sell scrap for cash. A secure payment option should be given by those who hold a waste carriers licence/ scrap metal dealers licence. If you're being to accept a cash price without any paperwork, the scrap car buyer at hand is most surely operating illegally.

Does It Cost Money To Scrap My Car?

Unfortunately, many online providers try to mislead customers by scrapping their cars by claiming there are no fees.

Although, many scrappers are left unaware that the flashy price they receive on online scrap car value calculators are subject to change.

  • If your vehicle isn’t complete you can expect to have your scrap car price reduced from your original scrap car quote.
  • Some online service providers may even knock you down on price further for small scratches or a dirty interior! 

Thankfully, at Scrap Local we are proud to offer you a no-hassle approach to scrap car removal. We scrap cars based on their metal weight, provide a free scrap car collection service nationwide and never charge any hidden admin fees.

It’s never been more important to remove your old polluting car. There has been recent pressure from governments as they uphold their journey to net-zero, where by 2040 the sale of petrol and diesel cars will be banned. We understand this better than most, which is why we were founded to effortlessly connect producers of scrap metal waste and end of life vehicles to trusted local recyclers. From scrap car buyers to car scrap yards and car breakers on our award-winning network, selling your old set of wheels for scrap brings us all one step closer to a greener, sustainable environment.

Martin Handley, Founder And MD of Scrap Local
Is It Worth Scrapping A Car?

Of course! Scrapping your old car or van supports the local and circular economy of metal and ELV recycling in the UK.

Moreover, there are certain policies and changes introduced that support a green transition from older, polluting methods of transport. These include:

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Get The Best Scrap Car Value From Our Award Winning Network

We hope you know understand more about what makes up the scrap car value of your vehicle!

You should now be able to calculate how much your scrap car is worth whilst assessing whether it’s time to ditch your old set of wheels and have it scrapped. 

  • Whether your vehicle is damaged or broken, our team of salvage buyers are on hand to provide a great price.
  • Has your car failed its MOT? We can remove your MOT failure hassle-free and can assist in any of the paperwork for a convenient and reliable scrap car removal.
  • Is your car not compatible with a CAZ? Remove your non-compliant vehicle for a great price with our trusted scrap car network and push yourself one step closer to a greener and sustainable future.
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Very efficient service. Car was taken from my home address. The staff was totally on the ball and I got a better than expected price for it. Would definitely recommend.
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Brilliant service, reliable and really courteous. Would definitely recommend this company and will definitely use again.
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Car collected brilliantly. Collection driver very efficient would recommend scrap local if you require scrap cars etc collecting. A satisfied customer with the price received for car
Questions On Scrap Car Value

The scrap car value of your vehicle is determined by many factors such as whether your car is complete, contains steel alloys and the current scrap metal prices/ area tonnage rates in your area.

To get the best scrap car price for your old set of wheels, ensure your vehicle is complete with alloys.

This will help provide you with the best scrap car value as prices are mainly determined by the metal weight of your vehicle.

Having your car scrapped by a trusted, licenced vehicle recycler is just as important as it will ensure you remove your car legally. 

You shouldn’t have to! Some providers can charge a collection fee if you’re in an area with poor coverage or require collection sooner. 

Thankfully, our trusted network of car scrapyards, car breakers and scrap car buyers means we can collect nationwide, at a time best suited to you.

Check out which areas we cover! 

How much your insurance write-off is worth depends on whether your car is complete, with alloys however if your vehicle is a Cat D or Cat N  and can be salvageable then our expert team of salvage buyers can offer more than the usual scrap car prices.  

Make an enquiry to salvage your car with our trusted network! 

Scrapping a car whislt getting the best scrap car value can be difficult, especially if you’re unsure of what to expect and who to trust.

Scrapping a car should be a stress-free process, which is why at Scrap Local we are proud to connect producers of scrap metal waste and end of life vehicles to trusted recyclers locally. 

Whether your car is an MOT failure, insurance write-off, damaged or broken car and needs to be scrapped fast then contact us for a professional friendly scrap car removal near you!

Scrap Local

Scrap Local

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Table of Contents